Originals: Subb-an

We are proud to welcome Subb-an to our Original Series with over 610MB of inspirational sounds and samples.

One Records London based co-founder, Subb-an, continues a path along one of diligence, refinement, and exploration. Drawing upon vitality and spontaneity, it’s this intuitive, free-flowing vibe that has also found its way into, not only his music but also the curation of One Records, which continues to flourish as another major focus for the artist. Previous releases feature on Cabinet Records, Spectral Sound, Fuse and Pleasure Zone

Packed with analogue drum machine rhythms, minimal-tech house drum grooves, rolling sequenced basses, modular-like sequences, deep keys and dubby stabs, lush pads, textures, FX and more, this collection is a massive source of inspiration.

All loops are tempo labelled and all music loops are also key-labelled. 


Originals: Subb-an


125 Drum Loops (including stems)

42 Bass Loops

39 Synth & Music Loops

39 Pad Loops

15 Textures

26 Bass Hits

15 Synth Hits

22 Hats

10 Kicks

25 Percussion Hits

11 Claps

11 Snares

Wav: 610.4 MB, 405 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit