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Analogue Deep House

Abstract Presents ‘Analogue Deep House’ created by Brazilian producer NHQO. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this collection of loops and samples brings you the timeless sound of deep house music.

Inside, you'll discover an array of  punchy drum loops, and soulful synths, deep chords, warm basslines, melody loops and SFX all recorded with high-end analogue equipment to ensure the highest quality sound. Perfectly suited for producers looking to add an authentic touch to their tracks, these samples are ready to be dropped into your DAW and are guaranteed to elevate your productions.

Tempos range between 126bpm and 130bpm. All loops are tempo labelled. All melodic content such as synths, basses, chords are also key-labelled.


Reso Synths

Following the tremendous success of "Kinetic Stabs," we are thrilled to introduce the next evolution in our Sound Tool Series: "Reso Synths". This exclusive sample pack is a treasure trove for producers seeking to infuse their tracks with vibrant, resonant synth lines.

"Reso Synths" features 70 meticulously crafted Synth loops, each designed to elevate your productions with rich, dynamic sounds. This pack is your ultimate toolkit for creating music with a distinct, resonant character, split into five expertly curated folders:

Formant Filters: Dive into loops shaped with sophisticated formant filters, delivering vocal-like qualities and unique tonal shifts.

MC 505: Experience the legendary sound of the Roland MC 505, recorded through our top-tier Camden Cranborne preamps for unmatched clarity and warmth.

Resonant Sequence: Explore sequences built with various sequencers, offering intricate, evolving patterns that bring depth to your compositions.

Sweeps: Add attitude and grit to your tracks with sweeping effects crafted from both analog and digital gear, enhanced by a variety of filters.

Resonant TB Acid Lines: Inject the iconic acid sound with loops made using the TD3, processed through our pristine analog chain for an authentic, raw edge.

Inspired by the 90s progressive and tech house era and contemporary productions from labels like Kalahari Oyster Cult, Haws, and Craigie Knowes, "Reso Synths" is perfect for producers aiming to capture the spirit of these influential sounds.


Artist Series 13: Stef Davidse

by Sine

We're excited to welcome Dutch producer Stef Davidse to Sine Artist Series. This sample library is brimming with distinctive sounds and samples that showcase Stef’s signature groovy minimal tech style. Inside, you'll find jackin tech drums, infectious basslines, funky leads, transition FX, vocal samples, and more.

Hailing from Rotterdam, Stef Davidse is currently making significant waves in the modern house scene. His tracks have earned recognition from leading artists such as Jamie Jones, East End Dubs, Archie Hamilton, and others. Stef's style is characterized by its rolling tunes, distinguished by a unique bassline and captivating synths. As a versatile artist, Stef enjoys exploring various musical styles and consistently pushes his creative boundaries.

All loops play at 130 BPM. All melodic loops and samples are key-labeled.

Standard WAV pack compatible with any DAW. No installation required.


Techno Rumble Kicks

Designed for producers who demand the heaviest and most driving kick sounds, this pack delivers a robust collection of kick loops and one-shots that will shake any dance floor.

Inside you will find 75 expertly designed rumble kick loops and 75 kick one-shot samples that provide a solid foundation for your tracks. Each loop is meticulously processed to ensure maximum punch and clarity, making it easy to drag and drop them into your project for instant impact.

Tempos range between 128-145bpm.


Wonky Tech & Breaks

A modern wonky tech-house infused with breakbeats and old-school vibe. Dive into a massive collection of over 480 expertly produced loops and one-shots, designed for boundary-pushing tracks and gritty dance floors.

Packed with cosmic synths, glitchy textures, techy drums, resampled breaks, spacey pads, deep groovy basses and much more, this sample pack is your ultimate toolkit for crafting unique tracks.

Tempos range between 121bpm and 132bpm. All loops are BPM labeled, all melodic loops and samples are key-labeled.

This is a standard WAV sample pack and it’s compatible with any DAW. No installation required.


Paul Rudder - Dubby Synths

Emerging Spanish producer Paul Rudder delivers a classy collection of dubby synth loops and deep basses for our SM Tool series. Expect to find long, evolving chord loops, leads, sequences, pluck loops, lush pads, and deep bass loops. If you’re looking to create house and techno tracks with a deep-dub flavour, this compact sample pack is an essential toolkit for you.

Paul Rudder is a Spanish artist from the beautiful region of Asturias. He has released on some of the world's best house labels, such as Shall Not Fade, Berg Audio, and Hot Haus. His sound and style are increasingly recognised and respected.

All loops play at 128 bpm and are key-labelled. Standard WAV sample pack compatible with any DAW. No installation required.


Progressive Paradise

Step into the golden era of dance music with Niksu's latest collection of loops and samples, inspired by the early 90s progressive house scene. This impressive sample pack captures the euphoria and relentless energy of the era, offering a blend of nostalgic and contemporary heads-down sonic elements.

Whether you're looking to recreate classic vibes or infuse modern tracks with old-school nostalgia, this pack provides all the essential toolsive into retro basslines, dreamy synths, and driving drum loops that define the essence of 90s progressive house. Elevate your productions with these crafted sounds, designed to transport you back to the dancefloors of the early 90s.

Loops play between 128 BPM - 131bpm. All melodic loops are key-labeled for your convenience.


90s House Vocals

Essential royalty-free vocal samples inspired by the timeless sound of 90s House. Whether you’re producing a retro-inspired house track or looking to infuse your modern productions with a classic vibe, this pack guarantees to full your tracks with distinct unique hooks.

Inside you will find catchy and vocal rhymes, smooth and soulful adlibs, classic spoken phrases and high-energy shouts.

The samples have been professionally recorded by one of the UK's most in demand house vocalists and top line writers.

All samples are served raw with minimum processing. Tempo-synced at 124bpm and 130bpm.


UK House Grooves

Dive into the pulsating heart of UK house music with our meticulously crafted UK House Grooves Sample Pack. This collection is a treasure trove of loops inspired by the infectious groove that defines the UK house scene. Perfect for producers looking to infuse their tracks with the energy and rhythm of British dancefloors, this pack delivers high-quality sounds that capture the essence of UK groove.

Inside, you'll find a diverse array of loops that embody the characteristic bounce and flair of UK house. From deep, rolling basslines and punchy drum patterns to vibrant synth riffs and soulful vocal chops, every sound is designed to ignite creativity and elevate your productions.

Whether you're creating a club banger or an underground anthem, the UK House Grooves Sample Pack offers the tools you need to craft tracks that resonate with authenticity and style. Get ready to transform your music with the dynamic sounds that have shaped the UK house genre.


Hardstyle Techno

Introducing our Hardstyle Techno - high energy aggressive techno sounds to ignite your productions with unparalleled intensity. Dive into a sonic arsenal crafted for the modern rave culture.

Within this electrifying collection, you'll discover a plethora of pounding kicks, aggressive basslines, and distorted synths meticulously engineered to dominate the dancefloor. From relentless drum loops to spine-tingling atmospheric effects, every element is infused with the signature grit and power synonymous with the current hard techno style.

All loops play at 150bpm. All melodic elements are key-labelled.


Jungle & DNB Bundle

Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding rhythms and lush atmospheres of three meticulously crafted Jungle & Drum and Bass sample packs, now available at 60% off. Don't miss this limited-time offer.

Packs included are:

Oldskool Jungle

Atmospheric Drum & Bass

Deep Minimal DNB

€88.90 €35.56

Artist Series 12: Abdul Raeva

by Sine

Sine presents Artist Series 012 featuring the emerging Estonian duo, Abdul Raeva. This collection contains 488 loops and one-shot samples, showcasing their distinctive signature sound. Inside, you will find techy drums, proggy basslines, trippy synths, acid sequences, lush pads, backgrounds, FX, and more.

The pairing of Steffan Todorović  and Joonas Arro - under their Abdul Raeva moniker - has accounted for some of the most consistent, no-nonsense club bangers to emerge in recent years. Whether it’s shape-shifting psychedelia, spongy basslines or punchy grooves, fun is always the core element of their sound.

Following their 2020 debut solo release on US-based Dance All Day Records, the duo have gone from strength to strength with their driving signature club sound, featuring contemporary labels like Physical Education, Echocentric Records, Duality Trax, Body High, Be Told Lies and more. Although the Abdul Raeva name is relatively new to the scene, the two have amassed a growing number of shows, spanning from Europe to the Americas.

This pack is suitable for a variety of underground genres and styles. Whether you produce minimal house, tech house, or 90s-influenced acid and progressive house, this pack offers a wealth of inspiration.

All loops play at 128bpm. All melodic loops are key-labelled for ease. Check out the main demo and additional previews to get an idea of what this exceptional pack has to offer.


Groovy Minimal House

Introducing Groovy Minimal House  - a collection of sonic delights designed to infuse your productions with the essence of underground sophistication.

With over 260 meticulously crafted samples, loops, and one-shots, this pack provides an extensive toolkit for producers looking to create sleek tracks in the realm of minimal house. From swung drums to groovy basslines and deep chords, each element has been expertly designed to inspire creativity and elevate your sound to new heights.

All loops play at 130bpm. All melodic loops are key-labelled. All melodic loops are served with corresponding MIDI for full flexibility.

This is a standard audio WAV loops pack and it is compatible with any DAW.


Atmospheric Jungle - Ableton Template

SM Studio proudly presents "Atmospheric Jungle," an Ableton Template inspired by artists such as LTJ Bukem, Peshay, and Photek.

Discover the intricacies of the entire track - from arrangement to mixing, processing to balancing, and mastering. Accessing a professionally produced project file offers an invaluable opportunity to learn new techniques and enhance your production skills.

Crafted exclusively with Ableton stock instruments and effects, this project showcases the boundless possibilities within the software itself, demonstrating that remarkable results can be achieved without relying on third-party software. Unlock the secrets of atmospheric jungle music and elevate your production game with this meticulously crafted Ableton Template from SM Studio.

Please note: All audio files in this project are royalty-free. However, the DAW arrangements remain the copyright of Sample Market. Users may not commercially release the entire track as it is. Each user must create a new track by changing the arrangement, midi notes, melodies and adding their own sounds. This is just to stop multiple users from releasing identical tracks.

System Requirements: Ableton Live Suite v11.00 or higher.


Essential Garage One Shots

Essential House One-Shots offers a curated collection of one-shot samples meticulously selected from our top-selling Garage packs, all released under our in-house labels. Dive into a wide  array of drum hits, bass stabs, and chord shots tailored for various styles of Garage.

This comprehensive pack contains 424 one-shot samples sourced from the following releases:


90s House Revival

90s House Revival brings a stunning collection of Modern House and Minimal House sounds heavily influenced by the golden era of house music. By seamlessly blending contemporary sound design with the essence of classic 90s House, Acid House, and Hip House, this pack offers a plethora of exceptionally usable loops and one-shot samples to spark your creativity.

This sample library is brimming with shuffling house grooves, raw retro house beats, uplifting chords, hypnotic synth, groovy basslines, lush pads, dynamic drum textures, breaks, and an excellent selection of one-shot samples and Sound FX tools.

All loops are tempo-synced at 130bpm, and melodic loops and one-shot samples are conveniently labeled for ease of use.

This is a standard audio WAV loops pack and it is compatible with any DAW.