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Abstract One Shots

Introducing ‘Abstract One-Shots’ a unique one-shots sample library that transcends the conventional boundaries of sound design. This avant-garde collection is meticulously curated to inspire and elevate your productions, providing a unique array of sounds that defy traditional musical norms.

Each one-shot is carefully designed to add a touch of the extraordinary to your productions, whether you're crafting experimental electronic tracks, minimal, cinematic soundscapes, glitch, dub techno, breaks, techno and beyond.

This library also contains a bonus folder with unique glitchy percussive loops.

Please note: All Pad sounds heard in the demo track are for  illustrative purposes only and are not included.


Groove Tech

Sustain presents ‘Groove Tech’. This sample pack is designed for producers looking for a fusion of groovy house and tech house, providing a sonic palette that effortlessly captivates the contemporary tech house music scene.

Packed with groovy drum loops and basses, techy stab and synth loops, textures, SFX and a selection of one-shot samples.

Loops within this pack play between 127bpm - 131bpm. All loops are tempo labelled, all music loops are also key labelled.


Modern House

Niksu is back with yet another stunning pack that is sure to impress. Drawing inspiration from Minimal, Classic House and Deep Tech House, this sample pack offers a wide range of high-quality sounds that will elevate your productions.

Niksu's meticulous attention to detail and ability to combine different influences results in a unique blend of grooves, melodies, and textures. With this pack, you can expect expertly crafted drums, groovy basslines, catchy synth loops, FX, textures and more.

All loops play at 130 bpm. All melodic loops are key-labelled.


Deep Tech Grooves

Dive into the immersive realm of Deep Tech music with our exclusive sample pack. Discover meticulously crafted sounds that epitomize the genre's signature style. From pulsating basslines and intricate drum & percussion loops to ethereal synth textures and immersive soundscapes, this pack offers a treasure trove of production tools.

Elevate your tracks with the hypnotic energy and innovation that this sound is known for, and take your music to the next level.


Live Percussion

Featuring an assortment of high-quality, professionally played conga and bongo percussion loops, this sample library is a treasure trove for producers  seeking organic, dynamic percussion elements to elevate their tracks. The loops capture the essence of live performance, bringing the warmth, intricacies, and nuances of these traditional instruments directly to your fingertips.

Eeach loop is expertly crafted to seamlessly integrate into House, Tech House, Garage, Techno and and more. These loops can serve as the backbone of a composition or be used to add depth and character to existing tracks.

Whether you're looking to add rhythmic complexity, groove, or a touch of cultural flair to your music, the Live Percussion pack stands as an invaluable resource, providing an authentic and immersive experience with the soulful sounds of these iconic percussion instruments.

Please Note: This pack contains Percussion Samples only. Other sounds in the Demo such as kicks and claps are for illustration only.


Classic House Synths

RAWthentic Music is excited to bring you our Classic House Synths pack! Inside, you will find full synth and bassline loops as well as perc loops and FX hits.

We’ve also included all category all one shots and bassline and synth MIDI.

This is intended to make the pack very easy to use and setup for you to create new elements, sounds and grooves with ease

All loops play at 125 bpm.


Electronic Tech House

Hyper is happy to present ‘ Electronic Tech House’, an inspiring collection of contemporary underground tech house sounds designed with the dance floor in mind. Inside, you will find rolling drums, hypnotic synths & sequences, spacey pads, deep basses, atmospheric textures SFX and more!

The sounds within this library have been crafted using a mixture of highly sought-after vintage gear and cutting-edge digital tools. If you’re looking to create trippy, repetitive and synth-heavy modern tech-house tracks, this pack would be ideal for you!

The loops are tempo-synced at 130 bpm. All melodic elements are key-labelled. All Bass, Synth and Pad Loops are served with corresponding MIDI files for flexibility.

$37.73 $18.87

Break Dance Area

Ukrainian label Mulen is back with another stunning sample pack. Taking inspiration from old school breakbeat and hip hop sound, Breaks Dance Area’ offers a massive amount of tools to work with. 429 loops and samples in total!

Packed full dusty music loops, deep groovy basses, classic stabs and chords, dirty synth loops, atmospheric pads and textures, SFX, vocal chops, this collection will take you on an amazing rhythmic journey.

All loops are tempo synced at 128bpm. All melodic loops are key-labeled for ease.

$44.02 $22.01

Abstract Vocal FX

Trippy vocal FX tools and tempo-synced one-shot FX perfect for modern Minimal, House, Tech House, Deep Techno, Electro Breaks, Garage and more. Each loop is mangled, glitched and pitched, providing everything from abstract ambience loops, stuttered lines, percussive-like vocal tools, alien voices and more.

All loops and FX shots are tempo-synced at 130 BPM. All samples are ready to drag and drop into your DAW or sampler of your choice. Add that extra ingredient to your tracks with these unique vocal tools.

Please note: This pack contains vocal FX loops and one-shot FX only. Other sounds heard within the demo track are for demonstration purposes only and are not included. The drum loops and bass loops used in the demo are taken from following packs: Originals - Madvilla, Hyper - Galactic GroovesHyper - Cosmic Tech House.


Essential Sequences

Essential Sequences is a collection of bass, synth and percussion sequences hand-picked from bestselling sequence loops packs previously released on our Weismann, Hyper and Autioteknik in-house labels.

These sounds are be ideal for injecting unique groove and movement to any Minimal, Tech House, House, Techno or Breakbeat tracks.

Tempos ranging from 125bpm to 130bpm. All loops are BPM labelled, and all synth and bass loops are key-labelled where applicable.

This pack includes 130 sequence loops from the following packs:

Audioteknik  - Sequenced Bass

Hyper - Techno Sequences

Weismann - Analogue Sequences

Weismann - Minimal House Sequences

Please note: This pack contains vocal bass sequences, synth sequences and percussive sequences only. Drum loops heard in the demo track are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.


90's Rave

Inspired by the 90’s Rave scene, this pack delivers a wealth of expertly crafted sounds and samples oozing old-school authenticity. The collection comes packed with reworked breaks, drum machine grooves, classic hoover synths and rave stabs, uplifting pianos, earth-shaking basses, retro pads and an array of one-shot samples and FX.

Whether you produce House, Tech-House, Breakbeat or Techno, this pack would be perfect for adding energy and a retro feel to your tracks.

Loops play between 128bpm and 135bpm. All loops are tempo-labelled and key-labelled where applicable. All melodic loops are served with corresponding MIDI files for total flexibility.

$31.44 $15.72

Techy Drums

Audioteknik is back with a new collection of modern tech house drum tools inspired by labels and artists such as Solid Grooves, Hot Creations Michael Bibi, Pawsa and more. Expect to find chunky drum workouts split into Full Loops, No Kick Loops, Kick Loops, Hat Loops, Perc Loops, and Claps and snares that offer maximum flexibility.

Ranging from raw tech house grooves to modern minimal drums, these loops would be ideal for anyone producing House and Tech-House, regardless of the style. All loops play at 130 bpm.


Modern House & Tech

Sustain presents ‘Modern House & Tech’, a pack inspired by the current underground house and tech house sound. From stripped-back deep and minimal house to groovy and hypnotic tech-house, this collection is all about the contemporary dance sound that continues to soundtrack top clubs worldwide.

Inside, you will find an arsenal of minimal house drum workouts, techy drum grooves, sequenced basslines, modulated chord loops, hypnotic synths, catchy melodies, atmospheric pads and a selection of transition FX.

All loops play at 130 bpm. All melodic loops are key-labelled for ease

$22.01 $11.00

Oldskool Acid House

Sustain presents ‘Oldskool Acid House’ - a compact collection of sounds and samples inspired by the Acid House classics of the late 80s and early 90s Take a trip back to the early days of warehouse rave culture with this authentic pack.

Inside, you will find classic TB303 acid loops, trippy, squelchy synth lines, plucky basslines, 909 and 808 drum workouts, dark pads & FX and a selection of one-shot samples.

With loops plying between 120bpm and 124bmp, this collection works perfectly for its named genre, whilst elements can also be used in House, Breaks, Tech House and Techno.

$18.87 $9.43

Cosmic Tech House

Deep, trippy and druggy tech-house sounds designed for late-night tracks. Consisting of rolling drum loops, hypnotic synths, techy basslines, dubby chords, twisted vocal FX, and beat textures, this sample library is ideal for anyone looking to produce contemporary underground tech-house, minimal or deep sci-fi techno.

Expertly designed with a mixture of highly sought-after hardware gear and cutting-edge digital tools and plugins, this collection is packed with high-quality, super usable sounds.

All loops play at 130 bpm. All melodic loops and one-shots are key-labelled for ease. Bass, Synth and chord Loops are served with MIDI where possible.

$37.73 $18.87

Rave Synths

Get busy with this vibrant collection of hardware synth & stab loops inspired by the 90’s rave era. Expect to find resampled classic stabs, dusty chords, hoover leads, brutally processed synths and more.

The sounds within this collection would fit perfectly for New School Rave, Techno, Tech-House, Breaks and anything in between. All loops play at 130 bpm and are key labelled for ease.

Please note: This pack contains synth loops only. The drum loops used in the demo are not included.


House Revolution of 90's Vol.2

Inject the massive sound of 90's House with the second instalment of Mulen's 'House Revolution of 90's' sample pack series. Expertly produced by the label boss iO (Mulen), this authentic collection of loops and samples is not to be missed.

'House Revolution of 90's'  comes with over 936 MB of unique content, including raw rolling drums, classic organ stabs and piano chords, ravey leads, funky basses, processed vocal FX, transition FX and more. If you're looking to create modern high-energy dance-floor bangers with a classic old-school feel, this pack would be ideal for you!

Loops within this pack play at 130 bpm. All melodic loops and samples are key-labelled for convenience. Check out the main demo and additional previews for an idea of what this incredible pack has to offer.

$44.02 $22.01

House Foundations

Dive into the rhythmic heart of Chicago with James Curd's latest offering - "House Foundations." As a renowned Chicago house producer, James Curd encapsulates the very essence of house music in this meticulously crafted sample pack. Perfect for both budding producers and seasoned artists looking to infuse authentic house vibes into their tracks, "House Foundations" stands as a testament to the timeless sound of house music.


  • 100% Royalty-Free: Use these sounds in your tracks without any limitations.
    High-Quality WAV Files: For maximum compatibility and sound quality.
    Expertly Processed: Ready to drop into any project.
    Organized and Labelled: For easy navigation and workflow.

Notes from James Curd:

"House Foundations is a culmination of my years in the Chicago house scene. It's my homage to the genre that has given so much to the world. Whether you're just starting your house music journey or have been in it for years, I believe these samples will bring that authentic touch to your productions. Happy producing!"

Crafted with passion and the true spirit of Chicago, "House Foundations" by James Curd is not just another sample pack, it's a gateway to the very roots of house music. Dive in and let the grooves take you on a journey through the streets of Chicago.


Processed Breaks

Heavily processed, mangled and re-sequenced rave & jungle-style break-beat experiments designed to add movement and unique elements to your productions.

Available as full drums and EQed no-kick versions, these unique breaks would be ideal for your track breakdowns or layering over your drum grooves.

Presented in 135bpm, these loops would be suitable for a wide-range of underground dance genres.

$12.58 $6.29

Deep Warehouse Techno

With over 280 meticulously crafted loops and one shot samples, ‘Deep Warehouse Techno’ offers a sonic arsenal inspired by the darker and moodier side of raw techno. Immerse yourself in a sonic landscape filled with pounding beat loops, dark atmospheres, repetitive synth sequences, heavy basses and more.

The full-beat loops in this collection would be ideal as DJ tools for your techno DJ or live sets. All loops are tempo-synced at 135 bpm. All melodic loops and samples are key-labelled.

$22.01 $11.00

New School Tech

Contemporary, groove-driven, synthy tech-house Inspired by the new-generation of house and minimal tech-house produces. 'New SchooL Tech' is packed with chunky basses, rolling drums, bleepy synth lines, catchy leads, modulated synth sequences, spacey pads and a selection of one-shots.

This library has been created using a mixture of vintage synths, cutting-edge gear and essential digital tools. All loops are tempo-synced at 131bpm, making them suitable for modern House, Tech-House, Garage, Minimal and beyond.

All loops are tempo-labelled and key labelled where applicable. All synth, bass and pad loops are served with corresponding MIDI files for total flexibility.

$31.44 $15.72

Raw Basslines Vol.2

Welcome to the second installment of the Rawthentic Bassline series! Brought to you by RAW label bosses Nathan Barato & Carlo Lio.

Here you will find more of what you need to make club rumbling basslines. Guaranteed to shake the floor and vibrate yerr brainz! This pack has something for you, regardless of the sound youre into...

Very high quality bass loops and stabs. Many styles including ranging from dark subby to groovy head bopping funky loops. This pack also includes full midi info so you can take our patterns and use them how you want.

All loops are tempo-synced and key-labelled where applicable.

Please Note: Demo contains additional sounds not included in this pack. Bass sounds only.


Deep House Vocals

Essential royalty-free vocals Inspired by the timeless sound of deep house. A massive collection of over 200 vocal loops, spoken phrases, shouts and adlibs served as kits, all intuitively organised by key. Every vocal loop has a complimenting adlib, shout and spoken word phrase giving you all the essential elements to create a full vocal track. You can use the samples as they are or chop, change and reconstruct to create something unique and fresh.

This pack has been recorded by one of the UK’s most in-demand session vocalists and top-line writers - Fay Barton. All vocals are presented dry and raw, so you can EQ and process them the way you want. All samples have been recorded at 124bpm, making them ideal for Deep House, Soulful House, Breaks, Jazzy House, Deep Tech-House and anything in between.

Check out the main demo and the additional vocal kits preview for an idea of what this fantastic pack has in store.

Please Note: This pack contains Vocal samples ONLY. The beats and melodics contained in the demo are not included in the pack. The vocal samples head in the main demo have been processed and have some effects on to fit in the mix.

$44.02 $22.01

Techy Chords & Stabs

50 chord & stab loops primed for modern Tech House, Minimal, Deep and Dub Techno, Garage and anything in between.

Expect to find analogue-like stabs, processed chord sequences, classic deep chords, aggressive percussive stabs and much more.

All loops are tempo-synced at 132 bpm and key-labelled.

$10.06 $5.03

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