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Bass Suite

par Niksu
Niksu presents ‘Bass Suite’, an essential collection of 50 bass loops ideal for modern House, Minimal and Tech House productions. Available in various keys and flavours from sequenced and funky to deep and subby.
This pack also includes 50 corresponding MIDI files, so you can use the patterns as an inspiration and make them your own. All loops are key-labelled and tempo-synced at 128 BPM.
Please Note: Demo contains drum sounds which are not included in this pack. This pack contains Bass loops and MIDI only.
€11,87 €5,93

Drum Fills & Rolls

This pack offers a versatile collection of carefully crafted drum fills and rolls, perfect for creating build-ups, break downs and layering over a drum loop. Inside, you will find a mixture of resampled acoustic drum fills, jungle-style short breaks, twisted FX fills, snare rolls and more.

Tempo synced at 130 bpm, these sounds are designed to add movement and drum variations to your House, Tech House and Techno productions

€8,31 €4,15

Dreamy Synths & Pads

Deep, dreamy chords, spacey pads and hypnotic sequences. ‘Dreamy Synths & Pads’ offers a selection of synth and pad loops suitable for deep house, deep techno, tech-house, minimal, breaks, house, garage and beyond. 

All loops are served 127BM and key-labelled. 

€8,90 €4,45

Lo-Fi Deep House

Lo-fi is a music or production quality in which elements usually regarded as imperfections in the context of a recording or performance are present, sometimes as a deliberate choice.

This collection is a fully journey of deep sounds associated with a specific recording process such as a degraded audio signal or fluctuations in tape speed mixed with a house music touch for a warmer vision of music.

€18,39 €9,20

Under Wonder Vol.3

par Niksu

The third edition of Niksu’s popular ‘Under Wonder’ series has landed! This classy collection of loops and samples provides all the tools you need to create modern house music with deeper, minimalist edge.

Inside this pack, you will find expertly programmed drum grooves, warm keys, hypnotic melodies, shifting filtered chords, electro-infused basses, deep pads, background sequences and tools, glitchy percussion loops and transition FX.

Loops in this library play from 127bpm to 128 bpm. All loops are tempo-labelled, and all melodic content is also key-labelled. Check out the demo for an idea of what this unique pack has in store.

€23,73 €11,87

Mennie - One Shots

The talented Italian producer Mennie delivers a brand new essential collection of ultra usable One-Shot samples for our SM Tools series! He has delved into his extensive collection of vintage synths, drum machines and samplers to bring you 400 sounds.

Mennie is a well-known name in the current Minimal and Tech House scene. Over the past we years, he has released original tracks and remixes on top labels such as Desolat, Infuse, Visionquest, Rawax and Poker Flat, to name a few.

The sounds in this pack are suitable for a wide range of House styles such as Minimal,  Tech House, Deep House, Classic House, Garage and beyond.

€20,77 €10,38

Oldskool Deep & Tech House

Inspired by the late 90’s early 00’s House and Tech House, this pack delivers an essential collection of loops and samples with an Old School feel. Expect to find classic house beats, deep pads, catchy synth leads, funky basses, plus a collection of one-shot samples.

Loops within this library play between 123 bpm - 127 bpm. All music elements are key-labelled. Bass, Synth and Pad loops are served with corresponding MIDI where possible

€29,67 €14,83

Deep Tech - Pigments Presets

We are happy to present ‘Deep Tech - Pigments Presets’, an essential collection of 71 presets for Arturia’s Pigments v3.5 software synth. The bank can also be used in Arturia's Analog Lab plugin.

Inside this preset pack, you’ll find spacey pads, deep keys, organ sounds, earth-shaking basses, leads, stabs, drum hits, textures and more! A diverse range of sounds suitable for Deep and Tech House, Classic House, Garage and beyond!

Arturia Pigments v3.5 is a very powerful synth. All patches included in this pack have been carefully programmed using all the new engines, FX and modulation features. In addition, various mod wheel, aftertouch, velocity, pitch bend and macro controls have been assigned to help you modify and sculpt the sounds for your taste and needs.

Please Note: The drums in the audio demo are not included in the collection. This pack contains Arturia Pigments presets only. The Arturia Pigments plugin is not included. The drums and MIDI parts used in the demo are taken from Hyper’s ‘Stellar House' pack.

Requirements: To use the presets, you need Arturia Pigments VST/AU or higher. The preset bank is also compatible with Arturia's Analog Lab plugin. To use the bank in Analog Lab, you need to already own a full an up to date version.

€17,21 €8,60

Processed Ambience

‘Processed Ambience’ includes a unique and distinct sound palette of 50 processed field and ambience recordings perfect for adding atmosphere, immersion and texture to any track.

All sounds play at 125 bpm making this pack perfect for a wide range of genres such as Techno, Minimal, Breaks, Ambient, Tech House.

Please Note: The drums in the audio demo are not included in the collection. This pack contains ambience sounds and textures only.

€11,27 €5,64

Breaks & Electronica

par Hyper

Drawing influences from artists and labels like Bicep, Overmono, Dusky, Ninja Tune and more, ‘Breaks & Electronica’ from Hyper delivers an impressive collection of loops FX, MIDI and one-shot samples.

Infused with elements of Breakbeat, Garage, House and Electronica this epic pack epicis not to be missed! You’ll find custom breakbeat drum grooves, atmospheric synth riffs, dreamy, nostalgic melodies, lush pads, drum fills and more.

All loops play at 125 bpm. All melodic content is key labelled.

A partir de €10,38

Deep Garage

Sustain presents ‘Deep Garage’ an authentic collection of modern underground Garage and Two-Step sounds. Packed with skippy beats, perfectly swung drums, deep basses, minimalist synths and stabs, dreamy pads and more.

All Loops are tempo-synced at 125 bpm. The melodic content is key labelled and served with MIDI files where possible.

€20,77 €10,38

Minimal House Sequences

Glitchy percussion tools, wonky synth sequences, choppy melodic lines and quirky bass grooves designed for modern Minimal House and Deep Tech House.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to start a new track or inject some movement and character into your project, this compact collection of sequenced tools would be perfect for you.

All loops play at 128 bpm. All melodic loops are key-labelled.

Please note: The drum sounds in the demo song are not included are for illustration only.

€11,87 €5,93

Tech House One Shots

Little Bit presents ‘Tech House One Shots’ - an essential collection of 500 one-shot samples suitable for Tech House, House and Deep House productions. From drum hits to creating custom beats from scratch to synth, bass and chord stabs for instant melodic inspiration, this pack has all the right elements for your tracks.

Load up a sample into your favourite sampler or DAW, create a pattern and then cycle through the tons of one shot. All melodic one-shots are key-labelled for your convenience. 

€17,80 €8,90

Dubbed Out House

Audioteknik presents ‘Dubbed Out House’ - an exclusive collection of loops and samples designed for the deeper and dubbier end of House music. Fusing elements of Deep House, Minimal, Tech House and Garage, this sample pack comes with dancefloor-ready deep basses, atmospheric synth loops, hypnotic chords, textures, rich pads and FX.

If you are looking to create late night early morning house tracks with character and texture, this one is for you.

All loops play at 128 bpm. All pads, bass and synth loops are key-labelled.

€20,77 €10,38

Acid House Melodies

Simply known as just "acid" is a subgenre of house music developed around the mid-1980s by DJs from Chicago. The style is defined primarily by the "squelching" sounds and basslines of the Roland TB-303 electronic bass synthesizer-sequencer.

The influence of acid house can be heard on later styles of dance music.

This new collection combines house music's ubiquitous 4/4 beat melodies with the electronic sound produced by the Roland TB-303 electronic synthesizer-sequencer by constantly modulating its frequency and resonance controls to create movement in otherwise simple bass patterns.

€10,68 €5,34

Cosmic Deep House

Fusing the classic sounds of oldchool deep house with modern trippy melodics,  'Cosmic Deep House' comes packed with over 700 MB of inspiring loops, one-shot samples and MIDI files. Expect to find vintage house drums, lush chords, dreamy synth leads, deep keys and selection of super usable one single hits.

All Loops are tempo synced at 125 bpm. The melodic content is key labeled and served with MIDI files where possible.

€23,14 €11,57

Deep Chords & Stabs

Load up on deep chord loops and stabs perfect for house, minimal, deep house, tech-house and beyond. This pack delivers a range of timbres and sonic flavours, from dubby sequences to classic, timeless chords.

All loops and hits are tempo-synced at 128bpm. All sounds are key labelled to explore these with maximum ease.

Please Note: This pack contains Chord Loops and One-Shots samples only. Bass and drum sounds in the Demo song are not included.

€8,90 €4,45

Originals: Madvilla

We are happy to welcome Madvilla to our Originals artist series! The incredibly talented producer delivers a massive collection of sounds and samples from his hardware-heavy studio setup.

MADVILLA is an artist from Southern California currently residing in London, UK. Having crafted his own unique "ghetto deep" sound, he has managed to land releases on labels such as Locus, No Art, Seven Dials, hedZup as well as gain support from high profile artists such as Enzo Siragusa, Jamie Jones, Sidney Charles, Seb Zito, Kenny Dope, Todd Edwards, East End Dubs & more. With a rapidly growing fan base, he has been noted simply as "one to watch".

The sounds within this pack are ideal for modern House, Deep House Tech House, Minimal, Garage and beyond!

Loops play between 126-130 bpm. All loops are bpm labelled, and all of the included synth, music and bass sounds are key-labelled. MIDI files are offered where possible.

€35,60 €17,80

FX Shots

Take your tracks to new highs with this essential collection of tempo-synced FX one shot samples. Inside you will find Glitches, Twisted voice and vocal shots, Synth FX, impacts and hits perfect for any modern House, Techno, Tech-House, Breaks or Minimal productions.

Please Note: The drums and bass sounds in the Demo are for illustration only and not included in this product.  All drum samples heard on this Demo track are taken from ‘Groove Tech House’ and ’90’s Deep House’ sample packs

€8,31 €4,15

Deep Vibes

par Niksu
Pulling influences across Deep Melodic House, Classic House, Lo-Fi and Soul, ‘Deep Vibes’ from Ukrainian producer and sound designer Niksu delivers 341.5 MB of carefully created loops and sounds for instant inspiration.
Within this collection, you will find nostalgic synths, deep warm pads and chords, vibrant keys, jackin' beats, funky basses and a whole range of essential sounds to kickstart your productions.
All loops are tempo-synced at 128bpm. All melodic content is also key-labelled.
€23,73 €11,87

90's Deep House

Inspired by the recent revival of 90s house music, this pack provides an essential collection of sounds that perfectly captures the timeless sounds of classic House and Deep House. Inside this pack, you will find old-school house rhythms, rich textural pads, catchy synth leads, groovy bass lines, plus a collection of on-shot samples all woozing with nostalgia.

Take a trip back to the golden era of Deep House with this incredible sample library!

Loops within this library play between 123-125 bpm. All music elements are key-labelled.

€23,14 €11,57

UK Garage & 2 Step

par Hyper

Hyper presents ‘ UK Garage & 2 Step’ a stunning pack of classic UKG influenced sounds and grooves. Packed with ruff n’ tuff steppers, heavily swung beats, garage-style stabs, and chords, lush pads, chopped up pitched vocals, heavy basses and a wealth of one-shot samples, this collection is sure to inject a distinctive UKG flavour to your tracks.

Tempo synced at 132 BPM, loops in this collection are perfectly suited for Garage, Breaks, Jackin House, Deep House, Minimal and beyond!

All melodic content is key-labelled. Each music loop is served with corresponding MIDI files.

A partir de €7,12

Experimental Percussion

Mangled, twisted and glitched percussive tools designed to add intricacy and abstract movement to your drum grooves. Perfect for side-chaining and layering over a stripped-back beat, this pack gives you a unique set of tools that will help you create complex rhythmic patterns.

Tempo-synced at 128 bpm, the loops in this pack are well suited for genres such as Minimal, Experimental, Glitch, Techno, Breakbeat or Electro. Take your drums in a new direction with this compact set of loops and one-shot samples. 

Please note: This pack contains percussion loops and one-shots only. The kick, hi-hat and clap samples used in the demo are not included.

€8,90 €4,45

Old School Jams

par Niksu
Heavily inspired by the '90s rave culture, this authentic collection of loops and samples gives you all the tools you need to create modern house and tech-house tracks with a retro feel.
Expect to find early 90's house drum grooves, classic hooks, rave chords, spacey synths, bouncing basslines and retro pads.
All loops are tempo locked at 128 bpm. All music loops are key-labelled.
€23,73 €11,87

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