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90s House Vocals

Essential royalty-free vocal samples inspired by the timeless sound of 90s House. Whether you’re producing a retro-inspired house track or looking to infuse your modern productions with a classic vibe, this pack guarantees to full your tracks with distinct unique hooks.

Inside you will find catchy and vocal rhymes, smooth and soulful adlibs, classic spoken phrases and high-energy shouts.

The samples have been professionally recorded by one of the UK's most in demand house vocalists and top line writers.

All samples are served raw with minimum processing. Tempo-synced at 124bpm and 130bpm.


Abstract Vocal FX

Trippy vocal FX tools and tempo-synced one-shot FX perfect for modern Minimal, House, Tech House, Deep Techno, Electro Breaks, Garage and more. Each loop is mangled, glitched and pitched, providing everything from abstract ambience loops, stuttered lines, percussive-like vocal tools, alien voices and more.

All loops and FX shots are tempo-synced at 130 BPM. All samples are ready to drag and drop into your DAW or sampler of your choice. Add that extra ingredient to your tracks with these unique vocal tools.

Please note: This pack contains vocal FX loops and one-shot FX only. Other sounds heard within the demo track are for demonstration purposes only and are not included. The drum loops and bass loops used in the demo are taken from following packs: Originals - Madvilla, Hyper - Galactic GroovesHyper - Cosmic Tech House.


Deep House Vocals

Essential royalty-free vocals Inspired by the timeless sound of deep house. A massive collection of over 200 vocal loops, spoken phrases, shouts and adlibs served as kits, all intuitively organised by key. Every vocal loop has a complimenting adlib, shout and spoken word phrase giving you all the essential elements to create a full vocal track. You can use the samples as they are or chop, change and reconstruct to create something unique and fresh.

This pack has been recorded by one of the UK’s most in-demand session vocalists and top-line writers - Fay Barton. All vocals are presented dry and raw, so you can EQ and process them the way you want. All samples have been recorded at 124bpm, making them ideal for Deep House, Soulful House, Breaks, Jazzy House, Deep Tech-House and anything in between.

Check out the main demo and the additional vocal kits preview for an idea of what this fantastic pack has in store.

Please Note: This pack contains Vocal samples ONLY. The beats and melodics contained in the demo are not included in the pack. The vocal samples head in the main demo have been processed and have some effects on to fit in the mix.


Spoken Phrases & Shouts

An incredible collection of 100% royalty-free and original female spoken vocals and shouts ideal for a wide range of underground dance genres and styles.

With each spoken phrase, we aimed to include a paired one-word shout so that they complement each other and are in the same key.

All samples are served dry with minimum processing. All vocal loops and shouts have been recorded at 130 bpm making them perfect for Deep Tech, Techno, House, Tech House, Garage, Breaks and more.

Please note: This pack contains vocal samples only. The drums, synth and bass sounds used in the demo track

Tech House Vocals

SM Vocals proudly presents 'Tech House Vocals' - a stunning collection of sophisticated female vocal samples for contemporary tech-house, deep tech and minimal tracks.

Recorded by one of the UK's most in-demand house and dance vocalists, this pack includes a selection of spoken phrases, sung vocal loops, and short one-shot vocal samples. Add this

Most of the samples are presented dry with minimum processing. There are 25 wet spoken phrases and 18 wet one-shot samples with reverb effects for a darker vibe.

Samples play at 126 bpm and are key-labelled, making them perfect for Tech-House, Deep Tech, House, Minimal, Garage and other underground dance genres. 100% royalty-free.

Please Note: This pack contains Vocals ONLY. Other sounds in the Demo are for illustration only. The drum and music loops used in the demo are taken from  Originals - Madvilla, Originals - Chris Stussy, Originals - Sidney Charles, Originals - Leon, Hyper - Stellar House,  Sustain - Groove Tech House


Dark & Twisted Vocals

Bring a dark, twisted and moody vibe to your Minimal, Electro, Tech House, Breaks or Techno production with SM Vocal’s second instalment, ‘Dark & Twisted Vocals’. Expect to find 60 heavily processed, mangled and glitched-out vocals loops and 10 one-shots.

All samples are tempo-synced at 130bpm, making them suitable for a wide range of underground dance genres.

Please note: The drum and bass loops used in the demo are not included in the pack. This library contains vocal samples only.


House Vocals & Hooks vol.1

We proudly present our new sub-label focused on royalty-free contemporary vocal samples - SM Vocals. We will be working with only the best independent session vocalists and producers to bring you a series of unique vocal sample packs ranging from classic vocals to glitched-out and vocal FX tools.

The first release, 'House Vocals & Hooks vol.1' has been recorded by one of the best session vocalists in the UK house scene - Fay Barton.

Expect to find spoken word phrases, sung vocals, passionate hooks, adlibs, and short one-shots. We encourage you to chop up, pitch, effect, and mangle to create something new. 

If you are looking for inspiring vocals for contemporary house music, don't miss this one! All vocal samples are recorded at 128 bpm and served dry with minimum processing and editing. 

Please note: This pack contains vocal samples ONLY. The drum and music loops used in the demo are taken from Originals - Sweely, Originals - Madvilla, Hyper - Stellar House, Artist Series:05 - Furz.


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