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Oldskool Deep & Tech House

Inspired by the late 90’s early 00’s House and Tech House, this pack delivers an essential collection of loops and samples with an Old School feel. Expect to find classic house beats, deep pads, catchy synth leads, funky basses, plus a collection of one-shot samples.

Loops within this library play between 123 bpm - 127 bpm. All music elements are key-labelled. Bass, Synth and Pad loops are served with corresponding MIDI where possible


Deep Tech - Pigments Presets

We are happy to present ‘Deep Tech - Pigments Presets’, an essential collection of 71 presets for Arturia’s Pigments v3.5 software synth. The bank can also be used in Arturia's Analog Lab plugin.

Inside this preset pack, you’ll find spacey pads, deep keys, organ sounds, earth-shaking basses, leads, stabs, drum hits, textures and more! A diverse range of sounds suitable for Deep and Tech House, Classic House, Garage and beyond!

Arturia Pigments v3.5 is a very powerful synth. All patches included in this pack have been carefully programmed using all the new engines, FX and modulation features. In addition, various mod wheel, aftertouch, velocity, pitch bend and macro controls have been assigned to help you modify and sculpt the sounds for your taste and needs.

Please Note: The drums in the audio demo are not included in the collection. This pack contains Arturia Pigments presets only. The Arturia Pigments plugin is not included. The drums and MIDI parts used in the demo are taken from Hyper’s ‘Stellar House' pack.

Requirements: To use the presets, you need Arturia Pigments VST/AU or higher. The preset bank is also compatible with Arturia's Analog Lab plugin. To use the bank in Analog Lab, you need to already own a full an up to date version.


Breaks & Electronica

par Hyper

Drawing influences from artists and labels like Bicep, Overmono, Dusky, Ninja Tune and more, ‘Breaks & Electronica’ from Hyper delivers an impressive collection of loops FX, MIDI and one-shot samples.

Infused with elements of Breakbeat, Garage, House and Electronica this epic pack epicis not to be missed! You’ll find custom breakbeat drum grooves, atmospheric synth riffs, dreamy, nostalgic melodies, lush pads, drum fills and more.

All loops play at 125 bpm. All melodic content is key labelled.

A partir de £17.50

Dubbed Out House

Audioteknik presents ‘Dubbed Out House’ - an exclusive collection of loops and samples designed for the deeper and dubbier end of House music. Fusing elements of Deep House, Minimal, Tech House and Garage, this sample pack comes with dancefloor-ready deep basses, atmospheric synth loops, hypnotic chords, textures, rich pads and FX.

If you are looking to create late night early morning house tracks with character and texture, this one is for you.

All loops play at 128 bpm. All pads, bass and synth loops are key-labelled.


Cosmic Deep House

Fusing the classic sounds of oldchool deep house with modern trippy melodics,  'Cosmic Deep House' comes packed with over 700 MB of inspiring loops, one-shot samples and MIDI files. Expect to find vintage house drums, lush chords, dreamy synth leads, deep keys and selection of super usable one single hits.

All Loops are tempo synced at 125 bpm. The melodic content is key labeled and served with MIDI files where possible.


Experimental Electro

Blending elements of glitch, electro, and broken beat, this collection of high-quality loops and one-shots is an endless source of inspiration.

Expect to find spacey synths, glitchy breaks, twisted FX loops, weird bass sequences, deep pads, textures, glitch tools and more. If you are looking for exciting and inspiring sounds, this one is for you.

Loops range from 125 to 145 bpm. All loops are tempo labelled and key labelled where applicable.

A partir de £12.00

UK Garage - Massive & Sylenth Presets

SM Studio presents ‘UK Garage - Massive & Sylenth presets - an essential collection of patches for two of the most popular software synths, Native Instruments Massive and Lennar Digital Sylenth. Taking influence from the classic sound of UK Garage & 2 Step, this pack features heavy subs and wubs, FM basses, classic chords and synth stabs, bouncy organs, pads and more.

Please note: Drums and vocal samples used in the demo are for illustration only and not included in this pack. All drum samples heard on this Demo track are taken from 'UK Garage & 2 Step" Hyper sample pack. All bass and synth loops from the demo are included as a bonus folder.

Requirements: To use the presets, you must own full and up-to-date copies of Native Instruments Massive and Lennar Digital Sylenth synths.


Minimal Electronica

Get lost in this hypnotic collection of contemporary, forward-thinking electronica sounds. Inside the pack, you will find dreamy synths, trippy sequences, quirky music loops, glitchy breaks, intricate drum grooves, deep pads and weird FX. Fusing elements of Minimal, Breaks, Ambient and Chilled House, 'Minimal Electronica' provides a set of inspirational sounds and loops, perfect for creating rich, complex and esoteric tracks.

All loops are tempo-synced at 125 bpm and key-labelled where applicable.


Techy Grooves

Tight rolling drums, chunky bass loops, uplifting synth loops, and punchy one-shots - ’Techy Grooves’ delivers all the necessary elements to create modern Tech House tracks.

Loaded with expertly designed samples, this pack is massively influenced by the Tech House chart-toppers.

All loops play at 128 bpm. All melodic loops are key-labelled and served with corresponding MIDI files.


World Series 05: France

par Sine

Fast-paced contemporary house and tech house, inspired by French artists such as Shonky, Dan Ghenacia, Leo Pol and more.

Pulling influences from Minimal, Electro, Raw House and 90’s Tech House, this collection is bursting with hypnotic minimalist rhythms, techy grooves, shuffling house beats, cosmic riffs, sequenced bass lines, deep chords, rich pads, glitchy percussion and more.

All loops are tempo-synced at 128bpm and key-labelled where applicable. All beats come with a full mix plus stripped stems for mix-and-match beat control.


Broken Beat Techno

Abstract presents ‘Broken Beat Techno’ - an inspirational collection of sounds blending elements of Techno, Breakbeat, Electronica, Minimal, Garage, Bass music and Old-School Rave. Drawing influences from artists and labels such as Overmono, Objekt, XL Recordings, Bicep, this pack is perfect for bringing a contemporary experimental sound to your Techno productions.

Expect to find heavy beats, wobbling basses, rave leads, hypnotic sequences, twisted synths, chopped vocal loops, unique FX sounds, immersive textures, pads and a selection of ultra usable one-shot samples. This 100% royalty-free pack will give you all the tools you need to create deep and gritty music.

Loops play at 130 bpm. All music elements are key-labelled.


Groove Tech House

Sustain presents 'Groove Tech House' - a sellection of professionally produced samples and loops designed for contemporary dance-floor tracks. Loaded powerful groovy drum loops, techy bass lines, grooving synths, background sounds, glitched vocals, FX tools and a set of one-shots samples, this collection is sure to bring inspiration to your House and Tech House productions.

Loops play between 125 - 127 bpm. All loops are bpm labelled. All synth and bass sounds are also key labelled.

Check out the demo track and indivisual sounds previews for an idea of what this great library has in store.


Deep Atmospheric Breaks

Deep Atmospheric Breaks is a stunning collection of inspirational sounds, loops and one shot-samples designed to add depth, emotion and intricate rhythmic patterns to your tracks. Inside this pack, you will find glitchy drums, old school inspired breaks, resampled experimental beats, rich textural sounds, deep pads, weird synth loops, sequenced basslines, beat textures and glitch tools, SFX and a selection of ultra usable one-shots.

Tempos ranging from 125 bpm - 130 bpm make this collection perfect for anyone looking to create Electronica, Breakbeat, Minimal, Experimental, Cinematic and Techno.

All loops are tempo-synced and key-labelled where applicable.

A partir de £12.50

Raw Hypnotic Techno

Audioteknik presents 'Raw Hypnotic Techno', a collection of underground techno sounds and loops inspired by the likes of Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, DVS1 and more. Packed with hard-hitting drum loops, hypnotic leads and sequences, abstract synths, twisted atmospheres, deep pads, warped driving basslines and a selection of transition FX.

All loops are locked in at 132bpm, perfect for the modern-day techno producer looking to explore and expand their sound library.


Live Drum Breaks

Weismann presents Live Drum Breaks an authentic collection of 75 live-played drum grooves and rhythms with that elusive, vibrant, human touch you just can't fake with programming.

This collection includes full drum mixes, one-shot acoustic drum samples, and multitrack stem versions recorded with different mic positions.

Played at 125pm, these loops would be suitable for any dance genre. From breakbeat and garage to house, techno, or minimal, this pack is an amazing way to add extra layers to your grooves.


Deep Electro

A mix of electro breakbeats and deep, atmospheric vibes for the heads! Drawing influences from classic electro deep dubby techno and modern minimalist breakbeat sound, this unique pack is perfect for producers looking to bring a deep and atmospheric sound to their tracks.

Packed with robotic electro breakbeats, delayed synths, deep chords, nostalgic melodies, retro-style basses, rhythmic texture and selection of FX tools, this collection would fit well for Electro, Broken Techno and Breakbeat productions

All loops are tempo-synced at 128bpm. All melodic loops are key-labeled.


Originals: Alexis Cabrera

Argentinian artist Alexis Cabrera delivers a massive collection of ultra-usable sounds, loops and single hits exclusively curated for our Originals Series. Blending minimal, breakbeat, electro and tech house, this pack showcases Alexis’ unique sound. Inside you will find intricate drum grooves, acoustic drum loops and hits, processed percussive tools, vocoder vocals, quirky synth sequences, funk-fuelled basses and more.

Alexis Cabrera’s Live act reveals craftsmanship on modular synthesis, delivering a heady meld of peculiar electronic dance music loosely forming minimal house and electro, without conforming to either.

Addicted to the freeform experimentation, Alexis Cabrera is reimagining his own productions as they each morph and warp the tracks into something new entirely. His style, without any doubt evolves in the most renowned league of producers from Argentina, growing to be quite popular among those who enjoy a well-performed live set.

Loops within this pack play between 121- 130-bpm. All loops are tempo-labeled. All musical elements are also key-labelled.


Originals: Cristi Cons

We are delighted to welcome Cristi Cons to our Original series! The Romanian producer has created a classy collection of impeccably crafted loops and samples showcasing his timeless signature sound. Inside you will find dreamy synths, lush pads, crispy drums, sci-fi textures, deep basses, transition FX and a selection of one-shot samples.

Raised in a family of musicians, Cristi Cons became interested in electronic music during his high school years, slowly shifting from playing the cello to turntables, synthesizers and drum machines.

He is one of the founders of Amphia, a record label that aims to exhibit multiple facets of electronic music. His longtime partnership with Vlad Caia has been prominent under the SIT monicker, releasing records on their own Amphia imprint as well as other labels such as Sushitech, Do Easy or Half Baked records.

As part of Amorf, a genre binding project created alongside Vlad and pianist Mischa Blanos, Cristi has enjoyed a fresh take on live performing and studio work.

Tempos within this collection are ranging from 126t bpm to 129 bpm. All Loops are tempo-labelled. All melodic elements such as synths, basses, pads and textures are also key-labelled.


Minimal Garage - Ableton Live Project

Ableton Live template that reveals production techniques behind a modern minimal Garage inspired track.

Find out how the whole track was arranged, mixed, processed, balanced, and mastered.  Learn new techniques and improve your production skills.

This project was created using only Ableton stock instruments and effects. No 3rd Party software was used.

Please note: All audio files in this project are royalty-free. However, the DAW arrangements remain the copyright of Sample Market. Users may not commercially release the entire track as it is. Each user must create a new track by changing the arrangement, midi notes, melodies and adding their own sounds. This is just to stop multiple users from releasing identical tracks.

System Requirements:

Ableton Live Suite v10.1.35 or higher.


Originals: Cuartero

We are happy to welcome Cuartero to our Originals series! The Spanish producer delivers a collection of signature sounds and samples showcasing his unique groovy minimal tech-house style. Inside this artist-curated pack, you will find a wealth of driving drum grooves, raw beats, hypnotic synth lines, twisted leads, groove-heavy basslines, quirky vocals, pads, drum hits & FX.

Cuartero has been producing music since the age of 15. His passion for exploring new sounds, textures, and structures has made his productions recognizable from the first beats. With releases on some of the most respected labels, including Desolat, Hot Creations, Eastenderz, Constant Black, Saved Records, Cuartero has become one of the hot names of the contemporary house and tech-house scene.

Tempos roll out between 126-130bpm, making this one perfect for modern Tech-House, Minimal House, Techno or even Deep house productions. All loops are tempo labeled and all melodic elements are also key labeled as standard.


Modern Deep House - Arturia Pigments Presets

“Modern Deep House” is an essential collection of 92 presets for Arturia’s amazing Pigments software synthesiser. This presets bank is packed with spacey pads, deep keys, textures, creative FX, organ sounds, sub basses, leads that provide a diverse range of sounds suitable for Deep House, House, Garage, Minimal and the deeper side of Tech House.

Please Note: The drums in the audio demo are not included in the collection. This pack contains Arturia Pigments presets only. The Arturia Pigments plugin is not included.

Requirements: To use the presets you need Arturia Pigments VST/AU v2.2.1.1263 or higher


New Wave Garage

par Hyper

Hyper is back with another stunning selection of modern minimalist garage grooves. Expect to find shuffly 2-step drum grooves, heavy subs, deep chord sequences, glitch loops FX and drum hits.

Loaded with inspirational material, this sample library is a perfect toolbox for anyone looking to create deep, atmospheric 2-Step, modern Minimal House or straight Garage.

All loops play at 130bpm. All melodic loops are key-labeled.


Originals: Truncate

We are happy to welcome techno legend Truncate to our Originals series! Los Angeles-based producer gives you access to a high-octane collection of sounds and loops from his hardware-heavy studio setup. Loaded with full beats, hard drums loops, mind-bending synth and bass sequences, sci-fi textures, heavy kick loops, drum machine one-shots, modular SFX and more, this pack is a must-have for any modern-day techno producer.

After being introduced to electronic music back in the early 90's in Los Angeles, a teenage David Flores was hooked. He started DJing across Southern California on the DIY warehouses, desert, and rave circuit. His style then was as varied as the local scene - a myriad of sounds ranging from house to acid to techno to hardcore. After a few years solely DJing, he began releasing original music under the moniker Audio Injection, which landed on labels such as Monoid, Stimulus, 4 Track & LA label Droid Recordings. His association with Droid Behavior began in 2003 and continues today as a resident at the infamous and internationally acclaimed Interface event series alongside Drumcell and Raiz.

In early 2011, he started the project Truncate to focus on the deeper, raw side of techno. His Truncate releases have been gained critical acclaim from world-class underground talent such as Modeselektor, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Chris Liebing, Speedy J, DVS1, Luke Slater, Ben Sims, Josh Wink, Eats Everything, Joris Voorn, and many more. Since then, he has provided remixes for artists across the musical spectrum, including Kink! for Pets Recordings, Slam for Soma, Trus’me for Prime Numbers, and Josh Wink for Boyznoise. He has also released original tracks on 50 Weapons and on Ultramajic as a collaboration with Jimmy Edgar, with upcoming works due on Blueprint Recordings and of course Truncate.

Loops in this pack play between 130 bpm - 155 bpm. All loops are bpm labeled. All Synth and Bass sounds are also key-labeled.


Hybrid Breaks

‘Hybrid Breaks’ is an inspirational collection of loops and samples blending old school-inspired drum breaks with modern trippy electronic sounds. Inside you will find hybrid breakbeat drum grooves broken out to stems, dreamy synths,  dubby chord sequences, beat textures, glitchy vocal FX, heavy basses, deep pads and a selection of FX tools.

This pack will fit a wide range of electronic dance genres such as Breakbeat, Minimal, Deep Tech House, Garage and beyond.  Download ‘Hyper Breaks’ and start experimenting!

All loops are tempo-synced at 125pm. All melodic content is key-labeled.


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