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Techno Rumble Kicks

Designed for producers who demand the heaviest and most driving kick sounds, this pack delivers a robust collection of kick loops and one-shots that will shake any dance floor.

Inside you will find 75 expertly designed rumble kick loops and 75 kick one-shot samples that provide a solid foundation for your tracks. Each loop is meticulously processed to ensure maximum punch and clarity, making it easy to drag and drop them into your project for instant impact.

Tempos range between 128-145bpm.


Hardstyle Techno

Introducing our Hardstyle Techno - high energy aggressive techno sounds to ignite your productions with unparalleled intensity. Dive into a sonic arsenal crafted for the modern rave culture.

Within this electrifying collection, you'll discover a plethora of pounding kicks, aggressive basslines, and distorted synths meticulously engineered to dominate the dancefloor. From relentless drum loops to spine-tingling atmospheric effects, every element is infused with the signature grit and power synonymous with the current hard techno style.

All loops play at 150bpm. All melodic elements are key-labelled.


Groovy Minimal House

Introducing Groovy Minimal House  - a collection of sonic delights designed to infuse your productions with the essence of underground sophistication.

With over 260 meticulously crafted samples, loops, and one-shots, this pack provides an extensive toolkit for producers looking to create sleek tracks in the realm of minimal house. From swung drums to groovy basslines and deep chords, each element has been expertly designed to inspire creativity and elevate your sound to new heights.

All loops play at 130bpm. All melodic loops are key-labelled. All melodic loops are served with corresponding MIDI for full flexibility.

This is a standard audio WAV loops pack and it is compatible with any DAW.


Solid Tech

Introducing 'Solid Tech' - an extensive collection of over 340 meticulously crafted loops and one-shot samples tailored specifically for contemporary tech house productions. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic landscape of the modern tech-house scene, this sample library provides producers with a wide array of high-quality tools to infuse their tracks with dancefloor-ready quality, energy and groove

Expect to find chunky drums, groovy basses, glitched vocals, stabby repetitive synth loops, SFX and rhythmic textures. All bass and synth loops are served with corresponding MIDI.

Loops play between 128bpm and 130bpm. All loops are tempo-labelled, all melodic loops are also key-labelled.

This is a standard audio WAV loops and one-shots pack and it is compatible with any DAW.


Classic House Pianos

Experience the vibrant energy of live-played piano MIDI notes and audio loops, inspired by the timeless classic 90s piano house sound. Recorded by a seasoned session pianist, this pack promises to ignite your creativity. Inject a touch of 90s house nostalgia into your contemporary house tracks with these authentic pack.

Simply drag and drop the WAV loops into your projects, or customize melodies and sounds to suit your preferences using the provided MIDI notes. Each audio loop is tempo-synced at 125bpm and key-labelled.

Please Note: This pack contains piano loops and piano MIDI notes only! The drums used in the demo are taken from Sine - Artist Series: Furz, Sustain - Oldskool House, Sustain - 90s Deep House and Hyper - Oldskool Deep House packs and are not included in this pack.


Old School House

Sustain presents ‘Old School House’ - a meticulously crafted collection of loops and samples that pays homage to the golden age of house music, bringing you the essence of the classic and timeless sounds that defined an era.

Packed with vintage drum grooves, funky basslines, deep pads, classic house FX, classic chords and catchy synths.

Whether you're producing Classic House, Garage, Tech House or Minimal, this sample pack is your go-to source for that unmistakable old school flavour.

All loops are tempo-synced at 125bpm. All melodic content is key-labelled for ease.


Groove Tech

Sustain presents ‘Groove Tech’. This sample pack is designed for producers looking for a fusion of groovy house and tech house, providing a sonic palette that effortlessly captivates the contemporary tech house music scene.

Packed with groovy drum loops and basses, techy stab and synth loops, textures, SFX and a selection of one-shot samples.

Loops within this pack play between 127bpm - 131bpm. All loops are tempo labelled, all music loops are also key labelled.


Hard Techno

Welcome to the harder side of techno! Dive deep into this collection of authentic techno tools inspired by the likes of Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, DVS1 and more.

Packed full of relentless drum grooves, modular-like synths and sequences, hypnotic basses, dark atmos, noisy textures and alien FX loops, this sample library is perfect for the cutting-edge techno producer looking to expand their sonic palette.

All loops are locked on at 145 bpm. All melodic loops and samples are key-labelled for ease.


Modern House & Tech

Sustain presents ‘Modern House & Tech’, a pack inspired by the current underground house and tech house sound. From stripped-back deep and minimal house to groovy and hypnotic tech-house, this collection is all about the contemporary dance sound that continues to soundtrack top clubs worldwide.

Inside, you will find an arsenal of minimal house drum workouts, techy drum grooves, sequenced basslines, modulated chord loops, hypnotic synths, catchy melodies, atmospheric pads and a selection of transition FX.

All loops play at 130 bpm. All melodic loops are key-labelled for ease


Deep Warehouse Techno

With over 280 meticulously crafted loops and one shot samples, ‘Deep Warehouse Techno’ offers a sonic arsenal inspired by the darker and moodier side of raw techno. Immerse yourself in a sonic landscape filled with pounding beat loops, dark atmospheres, repetitive synth sequences, heavy basses and more.

The full-beat loops in this collection would be ideal as DJ tools for your techno DJ or live sets. All loops are tempo-synced at 135 bpm. All melodic loops and samples are key-labelled.


Techy Chords & Stabs

50 chord & stab loops primed for modern Tech House, Minimal, Deep and Dub Techno, Garage and anything in between.

Expect to find analogue-like stabs, processed chord sequences, classic deep chords, aggressive percussive stabs and much more.

All loops are tempo-synced at 132 bpm and key-labelled.


Deep Chilled House

Deep Chilled House delivers a collection of mellow sounds designed for the deeper and more stripped-back side of house music. Expect to find over 440MB of loops and one-shot samples featuring deep chords, lush pads, analogue-style bases, and a myriad of drum combinations.

This pack would be ideal for anyone looking to produce laid-back deep house tracks for the summer months.

All loops play at 122 bpm. All melodic loops are key-labelled so that you can explore these with ease.


Old School Techno

Raw, heavy, high-energy techno inspired by the old-school sound of the ’90s and early 00’s. Expect to find relentless full beats, repetitive, hypnotic synth sequences, classic analogue basses, and a selection of super usable one-shots.

All full beat loops are stemmed out for full drum mixing and customisation, including no kick, hats, percussion, kicks, claps and snares. The full beat loops could be used as tools in DJ sets.

All loops play at 145 bpm, making this pack ideal for heavier techno productions. All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty-free.


Garage Top Loops

'Garage Top Loops' is a fantastic selection of 50 kick-free top loops inspired by classic and modern UK Garage. These tools are designed to speed up your production workflow and add movement and swing groove to your drums.

All top loops play at 130 bpm. Perfect for Garage, House, Tech-House and Minimal House productions.

Please note: This pack contains kick-free top loops only. The kick samples used in the demo are for illustration purposes and are not included.


Modern Techno Drums

Sustain presents ‘Modern Techno Drums, ’ a solid collection of relentless rhythms, drum loops and one-shot samples expertly designed for contemporary heavier techno productions. High-energy, heavy and groovy, these loops are not for the fainthearted!

Each drum loop comes as a full mix and stripped stems (No Kick, Percussion, Hat, Kick and Clap Loop) or maximum flexibility. Just load the stems into your favourite DAW or sampler, chop them, slice them and start creating your own drums.

All loops play at 135 bpm. Check out the full specifications below for more details.


Stripped Back Deep

Sustain presents ‘Stripped Back Deep’, an authentic collection of sounds and loops for the deeper side of house music. Pulling influences from Classic Deep House, Minimal, Garage and Deep Tech-House, this pack is ideal for contemporary house productions.

Expect to find swung drums, techy rhythms, classic deep house chords, re-sampled and processed synths, deep basses, glitchy percussion loops, lush pads and more.

All drum loops are served as full mixes and stripped stems for maximum flexibility. All loops play at 128 bpm. All pads, bass and synth loops are key-labelled.


Deep Pads

An inspiring collection of 50 deep and emotive pads ideal for adding melodic depth and character into your tracks. From longer evolving and modulated pads to shorter loops, the sounds in this compact sample library would be suitable for a wide range of genres. All pads are tempo-synced at 128bpm and key-labeled.

Please note: Only Pads are included in this product. The Drums and bass in the main Demo are for illustration only.


Garage Chords

Sustain presents ‘Garage Chords’, an essential selection of timeless, classic deep chord loops and one-shot stabs primed for Garage, Deep House and Classic House.

All loops play at 130 bpm and are served with corresponding MIDI. Each file has been uniquely named and key-labelled.  

Please note: The drum and bass loops used in the demo are not included in the pack. This library contains chord sounds and MIDI only.


Transition FX

Sustain presents ‘Transition FX,’ an essential collection of sound effects, giving you all you could need to add those extra special finishing touches to your tracks. Expect to find Risers, Reverses, Drops, Swooshes, Glitches and Drum Rolls. Make your transitions smoother with these unique FX tools.

All sounds are tempo-synced at 130bpm making them ideal for a wide range of dance genres such as House, Tech-House, Techno, Electro, Breaks, Garage and more.

Please note: The drum and bass loops used in the demo are not included in the pack. This library FX sounds only.


House Top Loops

45 kick-free drum tools designed to add the missing element to your house tracks or achieving that driving shuffle or swing groove that gives a track its energy.

The loops play at 128 bpm and consist of various hi-hat, percussion, snares, claps. Ideal for different for Garage, Deep House, Minimal and Tech House.

Please note: This pack contains top loops ONLY. The kick samples used in the demo are not included


Dreamy Synths & Pads

Deep, dreamy chords, spacey pads and hypnotic sequences. ‘Dreamy Synths & Pads’ offers a selection of synth and pad loops suitable for deep house, deep techno, tech-house, minimal, breaks, house, garage and beyond. 

All loops are served 127BM and key-labelled. 


Hardgroove Techno

Inspired by the sound of artists like Ben Clock, DVS 1, Rebekah, Len Faki and more. ‘Hardgroove Techno’ delivers a powerful collection of high-BPM heavy techno grooves. Expect to find minimal bass and synth sequences, heavy drums, industrial atmos and backgrounds, weird FX loops and a collection of one-shot samples.

Loops within this pack play at 145 bpm. All synth and bass loops are key-labelled.


Oldskool Deep & Tech House

Inspired by the late 90’s early 00’s House and Tech House, this pack delivers an essential collection of loops and samples with an Old School feel. Expect to find classic house beats, deep pads, catchy synth leads, funky basses, plus a collection of one-shot samples.

Loops within this library play between 123 bpm - 127 bpm. All music elements are key-labelled. Bass, Synth and Pad loops are served with corresponding MIDI where possible


Deep Garage

Sustain presents ‘Deep Garage’ an authentic collection of modern underground Garage and Two-Step sounds. Packed with skippy beats, perfectly swung drums, deep basses, minimalist synths and stabs, dreamy pads and more.

All Loops are tempo-synced at 125 bpm. The melodic content is key labelled and served with MIDI files where possible.


Cosmic Deep House

Fusing the classic sounds of oldchool deep house with modern trippy melodics,  'Cosmic Deep House' comes packed with over 700 MB of inspiring loops, one-shot samples and MIDI files. Expect to find vintage house drums, lush chords, dreamy synth leads, deep keys and selection of super usable one single hits.

All Loops are tempo synced at 125 bpm. The melodic content is key labeled and served with MIDI files where possible.


FX Shots

Take your tracks to new highs with this essential collection of tempo-synced FX one shot samples. Inside you will find Glitches, Twisted voice and vocal shots, Synth FX, impacts and hits perfect for any modern House, Techno, Tech-House, Breaks or Minimal productions.

Please Note: The drums and bass sounds in the Demo are for illustration only and not included in this product.  All drum samples heard on this Demo track are taken from ‘Groove Tech House’ and ’90’s Deep House’ sample packs


90's Deep House

Inspired by the recent revival of 90s house music, this pack provides an essential collection of sounds that perfectly captures the timeless sounds of classic House and Deep House. Inside this pack, you will find old-school house rhythms, rich textural pads, catchy synth leads, groovy bass lines, plus a collection of on-shot samples all woozing with nostalgia.

Take a trip back to the golden era of Deep House with this incredible sample library!

Loops within this library play between 123-125 bpm. All music elements are key-labelled.


Groove Tech House

Sustain presents 'Groove Tech House' - a sellection of professionally produced samples and loops designed for contemporary dance-floor tracks. Loaded powerful groovy drum loops, techy bass lines, grooving synths, background sounds, glitched vocals, FX tools and a set of one-shots samples, this collection is sure to bring inspiration to your House and Tech House productions.

Loops play between 125 - 127 bpm. All loops are bpm labelled. All synth and bass sounds are also key labelled.

Check out the demo track and indivisual sounds previews for an idea of what this great library has in store.



Deep immersive beds, soothing atmos and moody pads ideal for adding melodic depth to your tracks. From short pad hits to longer evolving pads, these would be suitable for any genre. Drop them into your sampler or DAW of choice, layer, mangle and get creative.

All pads are recorded at 125bpm and key-labeled.


Chord Hits

100 Chord hits suitable for house House, Deep house and Tech House productions. Simply load them into your sampler and start creating.

Expect to find classic House chords, retro stabs, dusty Rhodes, quirky keys all key labelled.

Please Note: This pack contains chord hits only. The drums and bass sounds used in the demo track are not included.


Modern Techno Synths

Sustain presents ‘Modern Techno Synths’ - an inspiring selection of carefully crafted synth loops suitable for Techno, Minimal, and the heavier side of Tech House. Packed with Modular-like sequences, warehouse-style techno chords, warped stabs for melodic inspiration.

All loops are tempo-synced at 130 bpm and key-labeled. 

Please Note: This pack contains synth loops, only. The drum sounds in the Demo track are not included.


Hypnotic Sequences

Sustain presents ‘Hypnotic Sequences’ - an inspiring selection of sequenced synth loops suitable for contemporary House, Minimal, Melodic Tech House, Techno and Breakbeat productions. From the deep and trippy to the dark and driving, these sounds are bursting with melodic inspiration. 

All loops are tempo-synced at 130 bpm and key-labeled. 


Raw Warehouse Techno

‘Raw Warehouse Techno’ delivers and uncompromising collection of sounds for high-energy, raw and gritty Techno productions. 

Packed with over 420 MB of essential Techno Loops, this collection features eaw, heavy drum grooves, ominous basslines, gritty stabs, trippy synth leads, modular-like sequences, dubby chords, dark atmospheres and pads, SFX and more. 

All loops play at 135 bpm. All melodic sounds are key-labelled. 


90's House

An essential collection of 90’s influences house sounds, Packed with raw jackin’ drum grooves, percussive tools,  classic synths, retro chords, warm keys funky basses and deep subs.

Tempo synced at 129BPM the loops in this collection are ideal for House, Tech House, Garage and Deep House productions. All loops are bpm labelled and key labelled where applicable


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