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Live DNB Breaks

Live DNB Breaks is a unique and inspiring collection of live-played beats and breaks ready to be sliced, chopped up and manipulated into your next track.

Recorded by an experienced session drummer who has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world, this pack will be sure to provide rhythmic inspiration for any producer looking to add realism and live groove to their tracks.

From heavily processed, distorted and filtered drums to clean breakbeats, these loops would be perfect for a wide range of genres and styles.

Tempos ranging from from 151bpm to 178bpm. Check out the demo track to get an idea of what this fantastic pack has in store.

£10.00 £5.00

90's Jungle

Abstract brings you the timeless sound of 90's Jungle with choppy breaks, oldskool rave stabs and chords, earthquake basses, nostalgic melodies and transition FX.

This sample pack offers an extensive collection of 357 loops and samples oozing with old-school authenticity - a must-have for anyone looking to create Jungle, DNB, Breakbeat or add an old-school flavour element to their Tech-House or Techno tracks.

All loops play at 165 BPM. All melodic loops are key-labelled for ease.

£25.00 £12.50

Deep Minimal DNB

Fusing Minimal, Drum & Bass, Experimental Electronica, Glitch and Half-Tempo with cutting-edge experimental sound design, Deep Minimal DNB offers a plethora of weird and wonderful sonic tools. Packed with glitchy drum loops, half-tempo beats, twisted basslines, ethereal pads and atmospheres, hypnotic synths, quirky FX and a selection of one-shot samples, this collection is a great source of inspiration for any producers looking for different and unique sounds.

The sounds in this pack will be incredibly useful for a wide range of genres, not only for Drum & Bass, Glitch, Microfunk, Half-Tempo, Jungle IDM, Breaks and atmospheric/chill genres, but also any underground dance genre. Load the sounds into your DAW or sampler of choice and start experimenting. Chop them, slice them, time stretch them and use different bits to create something unique.

All loops play at 170bpm. All melodic content is key-labelled for convenience. Check out the main demo and the additional previews to get an idea of what this pack offers.

£25.00 £12.50

Acoustic Jungle Breaks

‘Acoustic Jungle Breaks’ is a stunning collection of live-played choppy breakbeats inspired by the timeless sound of 90’s Jungle/Drum & Bass. Recorded on an acoustic kit by New York-based drummer Ned Haweeli, this unique pack contains a selection of raw, free-from heavy processing drum loops and one-shot samples.

Loops play between 160-190bpm, making them perfect for any DnB and Hardcore Breakbeat styles. They could also be used in Techno, House, Garage and Tech House productions. Chop them up, slice them, or load them into your favourite sampler and start experimenting.

Please note: This pack contains drums loops and one-shots only. The synth, bass and pad sounds used in the demo are not included.

£12.00 £6.00

Atmospheric Drum & Bass

Drawing influences from legendary artists like LTJ Bukem, Photek, Peshay and more, this beautifully crafted collection of sounds and samples explores the deep and atmospheric side of Drum & Bass. Combining classic DnB sounds with modern sound design, this sample pack features tight drum breaks, deep basslines, dreamy synths, nostalgic melodies, lush pads and a selection of one-shot samples.

All loops are locked in at 165bpm. All melodic content comes key labeled. Synth, bass and pads loops are served with MIDI where possible.

Da £6.00

FX Breaks

Twisted, mangled, warped, sliced, diced and re-sequenced breakbeat top loops for instant rhythmic inspiration. If you’re looking to add extra energy, personality and unique retro-future vibes to your grooves, these tools would be perfect for you.

All loops are tempo-synced 135bpm, making this collection ideal for contemporary Tech House, Techno, Breaks and can be sped up and repurposed for jungle, drum & bass and even hardcore.

Please Note: This pack contains breakbeat top Loops only. The kick samples in the Demo song are not included.

£8.00 £4.00

Old Skool Jungle - Ableton Live Project

Our brand new sub-label SM Studio will bring you expertly produced and designed Project Templates, Synth Presets, Machine Kits and production tools delivered by world-class sound designers.

The first installment is an Ableton Live project file that reveals production techniques behind an Old Skool Jungle-inspired track.

Find out how the whole track was arranged, mixed, processed, balanced, and mastered. Being able to access a complete, professionally produced project file can be a great way to learn new techniques and improve your production skills.

This project was created using only Ableton stock instruments and effects. No 3rd Party software was used.

Please note: All audio files in this project are royalty-free. However, the DAW arrangements remain the copyright of Sample Market. Users may not commercially release the entire track as it is. Each user must create a new track by changing the arrangement, midi notes, melodies and adding their own sounds. This is just to stop multiple users from releasing identical tracks.

System Requirements:

Ableton Live Suite v10.1.1 or higher.

£15.00 £7.50

Oldskool Jungle

Inspired by the golden era of Jungle, this collection of loops and one-shot samples guaranties to provide you with authentic timeless sounds.

Load up on earth-shaking subs, epic breakbeats, retro pads, emotive arpeggios, vintage keys, SFX and ultra-usable one-shot samples, that will take you back to the 90’s.

Whether you produce Drum & Bass, Jungle, Breakbeat or just looking to add that oldskool flavour to your Tech House or Techno tracks, this pack has got you covered.

All loops are tempo-synced at 160 bpm and key labelled where applicable.

£25.00 £12.50

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