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Cinematic Downtempo

Abstract presents ‘Cinematic Downtempo’ - a unique sample library perfect for any downtempo electronic music genres and film scores alike. This carefully crafted selection is loaded with powerful drums, dark, emotive strings, deep melodies, drones, drama basslines, atmospheric soundscapes, drones and dramatic FX. Add drama and dimension to your productions, with these inspiring sounds.

Tempo synced at 80bpm the sounds in this collection would be suitable for any Electronica, Chill Out, Downtempo, Ambient or Cinematic productions.

€20,77 €10,38

Broken Tech

Drawing influences from a wide range of electronic genres and styles, ‘Broken Tech’ is an inspirational collection of sounds perfect for anyone looking to create Breakbeat, Techno, Experimental, Garage, Bass Music and beyond!

Packed full of glitchy breakbeats, heavy basses, quirky synths, textures, and pads, plus a useful collection of one-shot samples and glitchy transitional sound effects - this pack is not to be missed!

Loops play between 125 bpm - 130 bpm. All loops are tempo-labelled and all melodic content is also key-labelled

€23,73 €11,87

Experimental One Shots

If you’re looking for instant one-shot inspiration for your sampler of choice, then look no further! This outstanding collection of one-shot sounds is packed with gritty drum hits, twisted FX shots, unique glitch tools, heavy, distorted basses, and synth shots. These sounds ooze with character and grit. 

Most of the sounds included in this pack have been created with analogue gear such as Vermona DRM1 MKIII, Vermona Filter Lancet and Dreadbox Typhon. Some shots were also made in the box using modern software and cutting-edge sound design techniques. 

The samples are suitable for Techno, Electro, Minimal, Breaks, Electronica and Experimental.

€17,80 €8,90

Atmospheric Drum & Bass

Drawing influences from legendary artists like LTJ Bukem, Photek, Peshay and more, this beautifully crafted collection of sounds and samples explores the deep and atmospheric side of Drum & Bass. Combining classic DnB sounds with modern sound design, this sample pack features tight drum breaks, deep basslines, dreamy synths, nostalgic melodies, lush pads and a selection of one-shot samples.

All loops are locked in at 165bpm. All melodic content comes key labeled. Synth, bass and pads loops are served with MIDI where possible.

A partir de €7,12

Experimental Electro

Blending elements of glitch, electro, and broken beat, this collection of high-quality loops and one-shots is an endless source of inspiration.

Expect to find spacey synths, glitchy breaks, twisted FX loops, weird bass sequences, deep pads, textures, glitch tools and more. If you are looking for exciting and inspiring sounds, this one is for you.

Loops range from 125 to 145 bpm. All loops are tempo labelled and key labelled where applicable.

A partir de €7,12

Minimal Electronica

Get lost in this hypnotic collection of contemporary, forward-thinking electronica sounds. Inside the pack, you will find dreamy synths, trippy sequences, quirky music loops, glitchy breaks, intricate drum grooves, deep pads and weird FX. Fusing elements of Minimal, Breaks, Ambient and Chilled House, 'Minimal Electronica' provides a set of inspirational sounds and loops, perfect for creating rich, complex and esoteric tracks.

All loops are tempo-synced at 125 bpm and key-labelled where applicable.

€17,80 €8,90

Broken Beat Techno

Abstract presents ‘Broken Beat Techno’ - an inspirational collection of sounds blending elements of Techno, Breakbeat, Electronica, Minimal, Garage, Bass music and Old-School Rave. Drawing influences from artists and labels such as Overmono, Objekt, XL Recordings, Bicep, this pack is perfect for bringing a contemporary experimental sound to your Techno productions.

Expect to find heavy beats, wobbling basses, rave leads, hypnotic sequences, twisted synths, chopped vocal loops, unique FX sounds, immersive textures, pads and a selection of ultra usable one-shot samples. This 100% royalty-free pack will give you all the tools you need to create deep and gritty music.

Loops play at 130 bpm. All music elements are key-labelled.

€29,67 €14,83

Textural House

Deep moody and hypnotic House sounds for the after hours. ‘Textural House’ provides an essential collection of sounds for creating deep and emotional house music with an organic feel and character. This collection is packed with trippy beats, rhythmic textures, atmospheric elements, dubby synths, deep basses and more.

All loops are tempo-synced at 125 bpm. All melodic elements are key-labelled for convenience.

€23,73 €11,87

Deep Atmospheric Breaks

Deep Atmospheric Breaks is a stunning collection of inspirational sounds, loops and one shot-samples designed to add depth, emotion and intricate rhythmic patterns to your tracks. Inside this pack, you will find glitchy drums, old school inspired breaks, resampled experimental beats, rich textural sounds, deep pads, weird synth loops, sequenced basslines, beat textures and glitch tools, SFX and a selection of ultra usable one-shots.

Tempos ranging from 125 bpm - 130 bpm make this collection perfect for anyone looking to create Electronica, Breakbeat, Minimal, Experimental, Cinematic and Techno.

All loops are tempo-synced and key-labelled where applicable.

A partir de €7,42

Deep Electro

A mix of electro breakbeats and deep, atmospheric vibes for the heads! Drawing influences from classic electro deep dubby techno and modern minimalist breakbeat sound, this unique pack is perfect for producers looking to bring a deep and atmospheric sound to their tracks.

Packed with robotic electro breakbeats, delayed synths, deep chords, nostalgic melodies, retro-style basses, rhythmic texture and selection of FX tools, this collection would fit well for Electro, Broken Techno and Breakbeat productions

All loops are tempo-synced at 128bpm. All melodic loops are key-labeled.

€19,58 €9,79

Organic Elements

Blending elements of breaks, minimal, ambient and organic house, ‘Organic Elements’ contains a plethora of weird and wonderful sounds designed to inspire. Packed with textured breaks, heavily processed percussion, quirky synth and music loops, deep basses alongside background FX, pads & textures and drum hits, this sample library will be incredibly useful for a wide range of genres.

All loops are tempo-synced and labeled at 126 bpm. All music elements are key labeled.

€29,67 €14,83

Deep Jazzy House

Drawing influences from classic 90’s deep house, soulful house and jazz, this sample pack contains an inspirational collection of deep, nostalgic sounds to kick start your productions. Loaded with dusty drum grooves, nostalgic keys loops, classic synth sounds, retro chords organic bass lines, lush strings, ‘Deep Jazzy House’ is a serious source of inspiration.

Weighing in with over 367 loops and samples and 620.4 MB download size, this collection would suit producers of deep house, garage, lo-fi house, downtempo, or any other producer looking for that timeless jazzy sound.

All loops are presented in 24-bit Wav format and are tempo-synced at either 118bpm. All melodic files are also key-labeled.

A partir de €4,45

Hybrid Breaks

‘Hybrid Breaks’ is an inspirational collection of loops and samples blending old school-inspired drum breaks with modern trippy electronic sounds. Inside you will find hybrid breakbeat drum grooves broken out to stems, dreamy synths,  dubby chord sequences, beat textures, glitchy vocal FX, heavy basses, deep pads and a selection of FX tools.

This pack will fit a wide range of electronic dance genres such as Breakbeat, Minimal, Deep Tech House, Garage and beyond.  Download ‘Hyper Breaks’ and start experimenting!

All loops are tempo-synced at 125pm. All melodic content is key-labeled.

€23,73 €11,87

New School Electro

Equally inspired by the new wave of space electro producers and the classic electro sounds of the 90s,  this collection contains all the tools you need to create up-tempo retro-future tracks. Inside this inspiring pack, you will find dystopian synths, spacey leads, hypnotic sequences, electronic breaks and retrosynthetic drums. The sample pack is designed for the loops to be chopped up, rearranged, reversed, distorted and edited to your heart's content. Enjoy!

Loops playing at 135 bpm. All sounds are key-labelled where applicable

€23,73 €11,87

Tricep IDM

Heavily influenced by artists and labels like Bicep, Max Cooper, Ross From Friends, Ninja Tune and Warp Records, this collection will get you well on your way to crafting something intricate and inspiring. Expect to find hypnotic synths, lush pads, wobbling bass sound, broken beats, atmospheric vocals and transition FX suitable for house, electronica, ambient, and breaks.

All loops are tempo-synced at 125bpm. Are melodic elements are key-labelled.

€17,80 €8,90

Oldskool Jungle

Inspired by the golden era of Jungle, this collection of loops and one-shot samples guaranties to provide you with authentic timeless sounds.

Load up on earth-shaking subs, epic breakbeats, retro pads, emotive arpeggios, vintage keys, SFX and ultra-usable one-shot samples, that will take you back to the 90’s.

Whether you produce Drum & Bass, Jungle, Breakbeat or just looking to add that oldskool flavour to your Tech House or Techno tracks, this pack has got you covered.

All loops are tempo-synced at 160 bpm and key labelled where applicable.

€29,67 €14,83

Leftfield Drums

‘Leftfield Drums’ brings together a versatile collection of unique drum loops spanning weird breaks, glitchy drum grooves and 2-Step and Hip-Hop influenced beats. This pack is the perfect way to bring a futuristic, uncertain feel to your track. All beats come with full mixes plus individual stems so you can create your own beats with ease.

€14,83 €7,42

Robotic Electro

Introducing ‘Robotic Electro’ an authentic collection of electro inspired sounds and loops. Packed with retro-future electronic breaks, mind-altering synths, twisted sequences, processed percussive grooves, dystopian pads, glitchy FX, sequenced and acid inspired bassline, this one is not to be missed!

If you’re looking to create building breakbeat, electro, minimal or techno, then this one is for you.

Tempos ranging from 125pm to 130bpm. All loops are BPM and labelled and all music loops are also key-labelled.

A partir de €5,93

Ambient Explorations

'Ambient Explorations' delivers a wealth of intricately crafted sounds including organic beats, processed textures, deep atmospheres and pads, ambience recordings, quirky music loops and more.

If you're looking to add organic, textural, and complex elements to enhance your productions, then this pack is for you. Suitable for a wide range of electronic genres, this collection is bound to have something for everybody.

€29,67 €14,83

Minimal Inspirations

Minimal Inspirations brings together an immersive and versatile collection of morphed, contorted drum loops, swapping dense leads and distorted bass lines for soft swells and lots more. This pack is the ideal source for anyone creating Minimal, Deep or Dubby House

All loops are tempo-synced at 125 bpm and key-labelled where applicable.

€35,60 €17,80

Analogue Techno Tools

Analogue Techno Tools delivers an essential collection of ultra-usable loops and one-shot samples. Packed with live jammed modular sequences, processed drum workouts, live recorded rough bass riffs, chugging analogue percussion, raw drum layers and more, this one is perfect for those looking for raw and unique analogue and modular sounds.

This pack has been crafted with high end-drum machines and modular synths for a truly authentic sound. Tempo-synced at 126 this pack is perfect for techno, minimal or even tech-house productions.

A partir de €5,93

Breakbeat Experiments

90s-inspired retro-futurism that blends breakbeat, electro and acid. Packed with complex drum workouts, cosmic synth sounds, hypnotic arps, acid sequences, electro basses and functional FX, this collection of loops and samples s is a great source of inspiration.

If you produce anything from Techno, Breakbeat, Electro, Tech House, Garage to Minimal you will definitely find something interesting in here for you. All loops are served at 128bpm. All melodic loops are-key labelled.

Drum Loops -> From classic breakbeat and electro drums to glitchy experiments. All beats come with a full mix plus stripped variations (kick, snare, hats, no kick, percussion)

Synth Loops -> Dark and trippy arpeggios, alien synths and mind-altering sounds.

Bass Loops -> From classic electro basses and heavy gritty sequences to dubby subs

Acid Loops -> Inspirational acid-style loops and sequences.

FX -> Glitchy hits, processed noses and crashes, vinyl backspins, scratches, stops and starts

Single Hits -> A ultra usable collection of Kicks, Claps & Snares, Hats, Percussion and Bass Hits

€35,60 €17,80

Textural Minimal

Organic minimal beats, immersive pads and textures, atmospheric rhythmic elements, hypnotic synths, deep basslines, glitchy FX loops & backgrounds primed for minimal, house and techno producers who are looking for esoteric and abstract sounds.

‘Textural Minimal’ provides the perfect starting point for creating minimalist music with organic feel and character. This unique collection offers something to anyone looking for ‘life-like’ presence in their tracks.

€35,60 €17,80

Modular Tools

Modular Tools is an authentic collection of expertly crafted unique modular sounds and one-shot samples. Loaded with processed drum grooves, live jammed synth sequences, rolling basses, detailed percussive loops, modular bleeps, movement loops and drum layers to inspire your techno, minimal, tech-house or even experimental productions.

Drum Loops -> 82 Driving drum grooves served with full, no kick, percussion and top variations.

Sequences -> 60 live modular sequences, and modular bleeps all key-labelled throughout.

Percussion Loops -> 80 percussive grooves, click-like rhythms and glitchy sounds.

Bass Loops -> 25 rolling bass loops and metallic tones. All key-labeled throughout.

Movement Loops -> 40 groove assist tools perfect for adding movement to any track.

Drum Layers - Kick, Tom, Hat, Clap & Snare Loops.

One-Shot Samples -> Weird modular FX shots, fat kicks, raw toms, percussion, hi-hats and more. Ultra usable sounds ready to be loaded into your favourite sampler.

All loops are tempo-synced at 126bpm.

A partir de €5,93

Sci-Fi Techno

Abstract presents ’Sci-Fi Techno’ a truly inspiring and unique sample library for forward-thinking producers. Packed with hypnotic drum grooves, textured beats, retro-future synths, twisted sequences, driving baselines, futuristic textures, and spacey FX sounds; this collection is perfectly set for techno, deep tech house, minimal, electro and other electronic genres. 

All loops are tempo-synced at 130bpm. All loops and samples are key-labelled where applicable.

A partir de €5,93

Leftfield Breaks

Leftfield Breaks delivers a variety of unique and inspiring content for producers who think outside the box. SFilled with Intricate broken drum grooves, mangled top loops, earth shaking bass loops, quirky synths, dreamy pads, rhythmic textures and a useful set of FX sounds, this pack is ideal for forward-thinking Minimal, House, Breakbeat, Garage, and Techno productions.

All loops are tempo-synced and labelled at 127bpm. All synth & bass loops are key-labelled. Drum loops are served with full mixes and all constituent stems for maximum flexibility.

A partir de €5,93

Tripped Out Techno

Abstract’s latest instalment offers an essential palette of deep and trippy, after-hours techno sounds. Head-nodding drum grooves, hypnotic synth lines, dub chords, driving basslines, spacey pads and atmospheres and unique FX sounds combine to deliver an inspiring content for forward-thinking producers. 

Delivered at 125BPM, this epic collection of quirky sounds and loops is perfect for Deep Dub Techno, Minimal and underground Deep House productions. All musical content comes key-labelled and tempo-synced. All drums loops come as full mix and all the usual no kick, percussion, hats, kick, clap & snare variations as standard.

A partir de €5,93

Organic Rhythm

Delve into Organic Rhythm, a melting pot of organic sounds and loops. Including intricate drum loops, ambience recordings and textures, found sounds percussion, beautiful synths and pads, chilled keys, deep basses and more, this pack is a fantastic source of inspiration.

Stand out from the crowd and break new ground with this unique collection. Throw Organic Rhythms into your productions and see what you can create.

A partir de €10,38

Minimal Tones

Taking cues from Riccardo, Raresh and Fumiya Tanaka, this pack shifts gears away from the loud and into the quiet. Swapping dense leads and distorted bass lines for soft swells and fidgeting beats.

Inside the pack you’ll find Arpeggios, Keys, Melodic Sound Design, Percussion, Rhythmic Reductions, Sparse Bass, Textures/FX and of course, Synths!

€33,23 €16,61

Experimental House & Breaks

Abstracts Experimental House & Breaks transcends from House to Techno to Breaks via a combination of lush pads, delicate chords, warm analogue synths, fuzzy bass and melancholy arps.

This unique selection of alien synths, morphed foley, rich drum loops, and glitchy sounds are sure to bring uniqueness and variety to your collection.

All loops are at 125bpm

€33,23 €16,61

Lunar Breaks

This one is for the headz! If Twisted Minimal Grooves, Syncopated Drum Rhythms, Dark Evolving Synths, Strong Bass loops are what you are looking for Lunar Breaks will definitely have something here for you. There is plenty of creative fuel to take your production to the next level. The drum loops come as layers so whether you are after a kick, top or percussion loop, you will find all the tools you need to mix and match and create your own beats. This pack is ideal for any producer making House, Electro, Techno or Ambient as well as Garage and Breaks.

All loops are tempo synced at 128bpm. All Synth, Bass Loops and Pads are key labelled.

€35,60 €17,80

Dusty 2 Step

It's a London thing! Shuffling garage grooves, syncopated 2-step riddims, Soulful chord progressions, grimey, and dubby bass loops. We are taking UK garage to another level. By adding a minimal twist on the classic UK garage we are bringing back those dubby feelings! Combining the old skool patterns with today's sound makes this pack unique!

€35,60 €17,80

Cosmic Electro

Dive into the world of Cosmic Electro: an epic collection of futuristic electro sounds and loops designed to take you on a serious trip. Filled with retro-future electronic breaks, spacey leads, dream-driven arps, bubbling basses, atmospheric pads, FX and drum hits, this pack is the perfect source of inspiration. All loops are tempo-synced at 125bpm. Synth Loops, Bass Loops and Pads are key-labelled.

€33,23 €16,61

Futuristic Techno & Electro

Take yourself on a futuristic trip with this unique collection of sounds and loops. Packed with experimental synth sounds, hypnotic drum grooves, acidic basslines, spacey, atmospheric pads and sci-fi fx, Futuristic Techno & Electro is the perfect source of inspiration for your forward-thinking tracks.

All loops are tempo synced at 130BPM, all music loops and sounds are key-labelled.

Drum Loops > From hard-hitting techno rhythms to break-beat experiments offered with a full mix plus all the stripped versions and variants for custom beat-making.

Bass Loops > Funk-injected sequenced basses, acid sounds and deep sub-strong rollers.

Synth Loops > Experimental sequences, trippy synth sounds and wonky leads.

Pads & Atmospheres > Spacey pads and atmospheric beds programmed to perfection.

SFX > Digital impacts, sci-fi sounds and processed FX loops.

One-Shots > 40 essential drum sounds and 20 bass and synth shots, ready to load into your favourite sampler.

€35,60 €17,80

Liquid House & Garage

Liquid House & Garage dives into the underground world of House to offer the ultimate collection of groovy riddims, spaced out synths and wobbled bass loops. Inspired in equal measure by the clubs of Berlin and London warehouse spaces, Liquid House & Garage is the definitive collection for the modern day house producer.

€35,60 €17,80

Acid Experiments

Acid Experiments is a vast and varied collection of deep multi-faceted sounds that push the boundaries of acid.

From dynamic, rich basslines and spaced out chords, to acidic synths, textured beats and a comprehensive collection of fx, these sounds are perfectly set for deep tech house, minimal dub and other electronic genres.

Each and every sound within this pack has been crafted utilising a combination of advanced digital sound processing and real-world recording, to deliver a refreshing and authentic sound to outfit your production.

A partir de €5,93

Broken Rhythms

This pack is filled to the brim with spacey broken loops, complex dream like sequenced lines and intense progressive pad sounds. Add this to your project to add instant depth and emotion...

Expect to find warped beats, glitched out percussion and interesting music loops.

All loops are tempo synced at 120pbm

A partir de €5,93

Ambient Techno

Inspired by the Abstract & Ambient side of Techno this dark and provocative sample library features sub shaking bass lines, textured evolving pads, deep dub stabs, crisp driving techno drum loops, mutated percussion and all the one shot sample tools.

All loops are at 125bpm

A partir de €4,75

Dissolved Breaks

Abstract returns with another stunning release. Dissolved Breaks.. A storming collection of Breaks and House primed and ready with over 323.2 MB of royalty free samples to drop into your hybrid productions.

Bursting with vibrant, rich sonic textures, this pack has everything from soulful jazzy chords, cinematic foley FX, twisted bass loops and cosmic synth sounds. Filled with abstract drum loops and fills to take you out of your comfort zone, a mixture of triplet, straight and swung grooves to add diversity to your next track.

A partir de €5,93

Ambient House

Step into the swarming, blissed out world of Ambient House! A perfectly balanced collection of solid beats, ethereal pads and a huge amount of melodic ideas to inject into your House tracks!

This sample library is packed with a stunning selection of sounds and loops, expertly designed and programmed for the deep, chill, melodic and progressive side of House.

Heavily inspired by the current Ambient House vibe, the collection boasts a packed set of tools, from processed Chords and Synths, in-depth beats and percussion, to keys, melodies and broken patterns, it has everything you need to tell your story your way

A partir de €5,93

Warped Techno

Warped Techno explores the darker deeper side of Techno, packed with pounding kicks, haunting drones, dark bass one shots, cutting edge synth loops, deep overdriven bass loops as well as drum and synths. Melody ideas intertwine with exciting processed sound experiments and intricate found sound rhythms to generate new possibilities for layering and manipulation.

Produced by a renowned techno producer who wishes to remain nameless, using a stack of analogue studio gear and noise machines, this rich, compelling and inspiring collection of loops and samples will work perfectly in all types of Techno a. An unsettling yet fascinatingly morish sample library that goes to places others dare not tread.

A partir de €5,93

Organic Minimal

Organic Minimal is a collection of late night/early morning Deep, Minimal and House loops and samples, packed full of intricate glitchy beats inspired by the likes of Sonja Monear, Zip and Riccardo deep floaty synth grooves and rolling sub bass rhythms.

If you are into House, Techno and Minimal this sample pack contains an inspirational collection of true deep, emotive sounds to enhance your productions. Whether you are looking for melodic ideas, laid-back house loops, technical drum patterns or simple one shots to build your tracks with.

This dark and provocative sample library features sub shaking bass lines, textured evolving pads, deep dub stabs, crisp driving techno drum loops, mutated percussion and all the one-shot sample tools required to create a bona fide minimal house track.

A partir de €5,93

Atmospheric Textures

Using a combination of atmospheric field recordings, granular synthesis, experimental reverberation and layered samples to create deep, emotive atmospheres, this sample library contains a powerful pallette of sonic textures that can be used creatively to enhance existing musical ideas, or subtly to evoke tension and emotion.

The creativity within this library is literally endless. Frozen drones evolve and develop yet offer no shortage of new possibilities when looped inside your sampler of choice.

This pack really needs to be heard to be believed with the final uses being endless.

A partir de €11,87

Modular Tones

Reaching for a range of complex analogue sequences, subby catchy bass lines, found sounds, tuned percussion and all out weird objects, this one of a Modular Tones sample pack guarantees to offer a wealth of endless inspiration.

Made using a rich array of eurorack modular hardware with a totally analogue signal path, this has the full pallet of tastes, moods and textures to create original, interesting and intriguing music from House to Techno to wherever you want to go.

The drums range from poppy syncopated rhythms to full-on distorted monsters with exploding 808 kicks mashed against the other drum parts into a solid unit of sound. Rhythmic Fx loops add an extra range of textural motion with everything from wild bleeps to subtle pops and throbs.

A partir de €4,75

Mutated Techno

Emerging from reclaimed urban spaces and deep underground comes"Mutated Techno" - Put together using a multitude of analogue and modular drum machines; you’ll have access to samples from some of the world’s most popular beat-making hardware. Packed full of skillfully crafted drum rhythms, glitchy top-loops and mega sub-kick patterns, this pack really is a comprehensive toolkit to kick off your Techno tracks.

Exploring the analogue, atmospheric journey of Techno bliss, this sample collection focuses on the minimal construction of progressive excellence. Combining prominent synth infused leads with drum machine precision, this outer worldly collection brings a wealth of new possibilities to your future productions.

Digging deep inside "Mutated Techno" uncovers an eclectic array of loops and samples including incredibly useful folders of basslines, beats, layered drums, synths, one-shots and a mandatory selection of fx sounds.

A partir de €3,56

Liquid House

Liquid House explores the more elegant, emotive states of contemporary House. Paying homage to the production heroes of Riccardo and [a:rpia:r] to name but a few, this beautifully designed collection of stunning House loops & samples delivers lashings of emotion that only a great producer could provide.

Liquid House is Packed full of creatively shaped drum loops, rolling basslines, washed out atmospheres, dubby chords, melodic grooves and a stockpile of sharp-cut one-shots and original FX samples.

This sample library contains a thought-provoking collection of original loops and samples perfect for layering and weaving together to create beautiful soundscapes, organic rhythms and emotive music beds.

A partir de €4,75

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