Artist Series 01:Mennie

Sine welcome Mennie for the first edition of our artist series. The Italian minimal house producer delivers a unique collection of meticulously crafted sounds, loops and one-shot samples. 

Over the past we years, he has released original tracks and remixes on top labels such as Desolat, Infuse, Visionquest, Rawax and Poker Flat just to name few.

This vast collection of sounds is expertly produced and processed with some of the finest gear around. From old vintage synths like Microwave XT, Roland Juno60, Yamaha DX200 and Roland SH-101 to the Doepfer Maq 16 and Tubetech EQs and Urei LA-4. Compressor, this pack is bursting with analogue inspiration.


Artist Series 01:Mennie - Wav


134 Drum Loops

49 Percussion Loops

40 Bass Loops

40 Synth Loops

30 Pads

28 SFX

30 Bass Hits

30 Synth Hits

30 Kicks

30 Percussion Hits

30 Claps

30 Snares

30 Closed Hats

30 Open Hats

13 Rides

25 FX Hits

Wav: 913.6 MB • 600 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit