Old Skool Jungle - Ableton Live Project

Our brand new sub-label SM Studio will bring you expertly produced and designed Project Templates, Synth Presets, Machine Kits and production tools delivered by world-class sound designers. 

The first installment is an Ableton Live project file that reveals production techniques behind an Old Skool Jungle-inspired track.

Find out how the whole track was arranged, mixed, processed, balanced, and mastered. Being able to access a complete, professionally produced project file can be a great way to learn new techniques and improve your production skills. 

This project was created using only Ableton stock instruments and effects. No 3rd Party software was used. 

Please note: All audio files in this project are royalty-free. However, the DAW arrangements remain the copyright of Sample Market. Users may not commercially release the entire track as it is. Each user must create a new track by changing the arrangement, midi notes, melodies and adding their own sounds. This is just to stop multiple users from releasing identical tracks.

System Requirements:

Ableton Live Suite v10.1.1 or higher.


Old Skool Jungle - Ableton Live Project


1 x Ableton Live Project File

1 x Drum Rack 

15 x MIDI Channels

4 Audio Channels

1 x Mastering Preset

32.5 MB zipped • 1 x Ableton Live Project File