Sound Of Chicago - Drums Vol. 1

For this pack I just wanted to focus on drum loops. I loaded up sessions off my old zip drive and recorded loops off of my MPC. Those sessions are from 1996 - 2006. I also pulled loops off of tracks that I have lost on hard drives from vinyl. I was really happy with how those came out! I used an Audio Technica VM540ML Stylus on a Technics 1200 in through the UBK Fatso to my Apollo 8 to record vinyl. Authentic vinyl crackle in a bunch of loops for you. It’s like being in an airport somewhere, turning around and around in the same place, engrossed in this repetition as if it were some kind of meditation. And throughout the drum loops, it seems to be in a kind of code, and when we look at the wave forms, we don’t quite look at the screen.

I hope you like volume 1!

Tempos ranging from 119bpm to 130bpm


Sound Of Chicago - Drums Vol 1 - Wav


125 Drum Loops

Wav: 118MB, 125 x WAV 44.1Hz, 24b