Originals: East End Dubs

We can't think of a better name to start our Originals series, the one and only East End Dubs. 

East End Dubs is imbued with the same urban grit, late-night menace and subtle sense of mischief as the streets of East London where he takes his name from. It has been that way since 2012 when he first broke through with a dark and infectious tech sound that has been jacking up dance floors all over the world. His own productions are slick, texturally rich affairs that are perfectly sculpted to be a perfect mix of function and form: metallic and mechanical yet scuffed up with a real sense of sou. They are diamond-cut tools designed for maximum impact with minimal effort. 

The man behind tracks like Bossy, bRave and Acid Roll creates the first instalment of our brand new Original series. Here is what to expect:

Texture & Athomospheric Sounds - Ambisonic textures and field recordings, atonal drones combined with modular synths. Ready to add depth quality and unique character to any mix.

Drum Loops - East End Dubs giving away some of his signature drum sounds; he is well known with his strong kicks and shuffly drums, and this is exactly what you get.

Music Loops - Packed with Granular Synths, Lush Leads, Dub Chords and Acid Loops.

Bass Loops - Rough rumbling, deep and fat bass sounds from machines like Moog, Peak, Minilogue.

Pad Loops - Uplifting pads, shimmering ambiences for all your needs. 

Modular Loops - Ethereal tech-scapes, sequenced chords, From dusty and dreggy to granular and gritty.

SFX - Impacts, reverses, drum rolls, crash and lots more.

Single Hits - Expect to find Modular Hits, Percussion, Bass and Synth Hits as well as Kicks, Snares, Claps and Hats.


Originals: East End Dubs - Wav


127 Drum Loops (Full, Perc, Hats, Clap&Snare, Stripped variations)

50 Percussion Loops

54 Bass Loops

49 Pads

43 Musical Elements

26 Modular Loops

30 SFX

27 Background & Texture Sounds

10 Vocals

50 Percussion Hits

50 Claps

50 Snares

50 Open Hats

50 Closed Hats

25 Kicks

25 FX Hits

25 Modular Hits

25 Bass Hits

25 Synth HIts

Wav: 1.62 GB, 766 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit