Live Drum Breaks

Weismann presents Live Drum Breaks an authentic collection of 75 live-played drum grooves and rhythms with that elusive, vibrant, human touch you just can't fake with programming.

This collection includes full drum mixes, one-shot acoustic drum samples, and multitrack stem versions recorded with different mic positions.   

Played at 125pm, these loops would be suitable for any dance genre. From breakbeat and garage to house, techno, or minimal, this pack is an amazing way to add extra layers to your grooves.


Live Drum Breaks - Wav


1238 Live Drum Stems (Raw & EQed versions)

75 Drum Break Loops (Full Mixes)


6 Kick Drums

11 Snare Drums

17 Hi Hats

6 Rides

6 Crashes

5 Toms

796.7 MB, 1364 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit