House & Techno FX

Audio Culture presents House & Techno FX: a versatile and timeless collection of skilfully crafted Sound Effects.  Texture & Backgrounds, Up and Down Shifters, Sweeps, Sci Fi, Reverse, Impacts and much more. You can use the sounds to create your whole breakdown or use them to create a texture. Over 500mb of hi quality sounds straight out of our studios.


House & Techno FX


24 Backgrounds & Textures

21 Downshifters

20 Impacts

21 Reverses

120 Sci-Fi FX

22 Sub FX

20 Sweeps

20 Upshifters

21 Various FX Hits

Wav: 534.5 MB • 190 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.