House Sessions

This sample pack is comprised of elements from released songs, sketches and custom made loops from my solo music, as well as Greenskeepers, Favored Nations and Chez Moon projects. Including elements that have appeared on releases on labels, Classic, Repopulate Mars, Dirty Bird, DFA, Country Club Disco, Exploited and more. 400 loops in total! Full of elements straight out of Chicago to help jump start producers creating House, Deep House, Indie Dance, Classic and Jacking House. As a whole this pack brings you to a place where the ultimate high is to "jack in" by attaching a "squid" to your skull - a brain wave transmitter that creates the impression that you are having Jack’s experiences. The squid software tapes the lives of other people and plays them back at the speed of sound. 

All loops are labeled with BPM and Key.

Studio equipment list used to create pack:

Moog Lil Phatty, Roland RS 09, Moog Opus 3, Nord Lead 2, Moog Prodigy, Juno 106 Roland, Phrophet 08, Sequential Ciruits Six Trax, Moog Voyager, Rhodes, Arp Quartet

System 100 Roland, Yamaha CS 50, Moog Micro Moog, Arp Axxe , Mini Korg 700S, Moog Rogue, Korg MonoPoly, 

Stratus, Waldorf Rack Mount, Drumtrax, Oberheim Matrix 1000, MPC 4000xl, Roland Jupiter 6, Korg M1, Korg R3, Alesis Micron, Biscuit OTO, Avalon 737, Kush Audio Fatso, Chameleon Labs 7602, Electrix Filter Factory,

Orban 422, Dbx 166, Korg Polysix, SE Electronics Gemini II, Rocktron Banshee Talk Box, TC Helicon Voicetone, Orbit 9090, Mac Pro Quad Trash Can, Epiphone Valve JR, Epiphone Valve JR, Epiphone Valve JR, 

Gibson SG USA, Acoustic Guitar, Roland Jazz Chorus Amp, Wulitzer Learning Module, Dangerous Music DBox, Aphex Aural Exciter


House Sessions - Wav


164 Drum Loops

103 Bass Line Loops

51 Keys/Bells/Mallets/Piano Loops

33 Vocals Loops

22 Strings/Plucks/Misc Loops

20 303/ACID/ARP Loops

7 Guitar Loops

547 MB x 403 WAV Files - 44.1 kHz - 16-bit