Film Score

You have a bit of extra work cut out for you. The extra effort is well worth it though. If you are looking for authentic sounds then this pack is a secret weapon. Full of live strings recorded in my studio. Each individual string was recorded to build chords. That gives you the flexibility to take what you need for your project. The pack includes violins, cello, viola, piano, synths, textures drums and impacts. Have a listen to the sample song and every element you hear is an isolated file in the pack. Wandering in the rain, the man looks like one of the walking wounded. His talk is obsessive chatter, looping back on itself, seizing on words and finding nonsense associations for them. He laughs a lot and seems desperately affable and then he opens the folder "James Curd Film Score Sample Pack". 



Film Score - Wav


253 Audio files total

96 Textures

36 Cello

30 Viola

28 Violin

27 Drums / Impacts

10 Arp 

09 Piano

09 Synths

3.4 GB, 253 x Wav 44.1 kHz, 24 bit