Exploration - Black Corporation Kijimi

Konturi's 3rd Exploration library brings you the sound of Black Corporation's Kijimi.

Inspired by the extremely rare RSF Polykobol II, Kijimi is one of the most powerful polyphonic analog synthesizers on the market today.

Utilizing its deeply programmable modulation matrix, we've recorded 100 loops at 128 bpm. Then, all samples were processed through a wide range of effect units like Sherman Filterbank, Erica Synths Fusion Box, Elektron Analog Heat, numerous analog delays and Chase Bliss reverb pedals.

Inside you will find 20 bass loops, 20 chord loops, 20 pad loops and 40 synth loops ready to add immense depth and character to your sound library. MIDI files are included as usual and all samples are key-labeled.

Drums in the main demo are picked from our Analog Drums library.


Exploration - Black Corporation Kijimi - Wav


20 Bynth Loops + 20 MIDI Files

20 Chord Loops + 20 MIDI Files

20 Pad Loops + 20 MIDI Files

40 Synth Loops + 40 MIDI files


100 x WAV 44.1 kHz 24-bit

100 x MIDI