Ethereal Pads

Enrich your melodic phrases with this vast collection of hypnotic, ethereal pads. 

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DESCARGA CONTIENE: Wav: 601.8 MB zipped • 60 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.

60 Pads

Enrich your melodic phrases with this vast collection of hypnotic, ethereal pads. 

60 Pads

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Abstract Synths

Weismann presents Abstract Synths - a unique and inspiring collection of synths loops

From melancholic melodies to twisted synth arpeggios and digital sequences, each loop offers a true sense of inspiration.

Whether you produce any style of house, techno, breakbeat, ambient or chill out this pack will provide you with spectacular synths sounds for your productions and kick-start your creativity into orbit.


Rhythmic Textures

Inside the sample library, you will find a range of twisted and warped glitchy texture loops, detailed soundscapes and backgrounds combined with micro clicks and bleeps.

The level of detail in the loops and samples is exceptional, and this library will be useful to all producers.

All loops are at 125bpm

Please note: This pack contains Rhythmic Textures only. Other sounds such as drums are not included in this pack and are for demo purposes only.


Evolving Synths

Hypnotic sequences, tech-infused chord, and progressive pads, Dive deep into the ethereal realm with the Evolving Synths... Get to grips with silky melodics and add that special touch to your tracks.

Please Note: Demo track contains drum sounds which are not included in the pack. This product contains synth loops only.



Deep Chords

From deep, dubby stabs to classic house chords and pianos, this collection is perfect for those who are looking for melodic inspiration. 

The pack contains Loops and One-Shot chord samples suitable for house, techno, deep house, tech-house and beyond. 

All loops are tempo-synced at 125. All sounds and loops are key-labelled

Please Note: This pack contains Chord Loops and One-Shots samples only, other sounds in the Demo song are not included.




The idea behind the sounds is one of dusty, mechanical, hyperreal atmospherics. Glimpses into little worlds that may or may not exist. Using a combination of atmospheric field recordings, granular synthesis, experimental reverberation and layered samples to create deep, emotive atmospheres, this sample library contains a powerful palette of sonic textures.

All loops are made for recombination, so layer and connect textures together to create new textures and call - response patterns. The length of the loops vary depending on the variation and motion in the sound, so cut, slice, realign and reassemble to meet your songs requirements.


Organic Drum Hits

Organic Drum Hits features a brand new palate of tools and boxes, keys and much more that can be used as interesting ear candy in just about any production imaginable. This pack is loaded with incredible drum hits that can be used to add an extra dimension to your productions.

In detail expect to find; 50 Kicks, 50 Snares & Claps, 50 Kicks and 50 Percussions. We have also included a good selection of Bonus Drum Loops folder which contains 10 full drum full loops including different variations, 50 files in total.

Please Note: The demo contains background sounds pad sounds which are not included in the pack.