Deep Dub Techno

FULL PACK: £22.50

Deep – Dark and Dubby underground Techno from the Hyper producers, featuring subby basslines, dark deep synths, groovy drum loops, background and fx sounds.

This sample pack provides the inspiration and the tools to get you making music right away, as well as providing some really useful utility loops, drum loops, drum samples and rhythm loops.

They can be used to construct full tracks, or the individual loops and samples can be used separately in new tracks.

  • 21 Drum Loops
  • 21 Hi Hat Loops
  • 20 No Kick Loops
  • 19 Snare & Clap Loops
  • 16 Kick Loops
  • 16 Percussion Loops
  • 31 Music Loops
  • 22 Bass Loops
  • 17 Background Textures
  • 40 Drum Hits
  • 10 Bass Hits
  • 10 Synth Hits
  • Wav:381 MB zipped •270 x 24-bit Wav
  • Apple Loops:381 MB zipped • 270 x 24-bit AIFF

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