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Experimental One Shots

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If you’re looking for instant one-shot inspiration for your sampler of choice, then look no further! This outstanding collection of one-shot sounds is packed with gritty drum hits, twisted FX shots, unique glitch tools, heavy, distorted basses, and synth shots. These sounds ooze with character and grit. 

Most of the sounds included in this pack have been created with analogue gear such as Vermona DRM1 MKIII, Vermona Filter Lancet and Dreadbox Typhon. Some shots were also made in the box using modern software and cutting-edge sound design techniques. 

The samples are suitable for Techno, Electro, Minimal, Breaks, Electronica and Experimental.

$18.24 $9.12

Experimental Electro

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Blending elements of glitch, electro, and broken beat, this collection of high-quality loops and one-shots is an endless source of inspiration. 

Expect to find spacey synths, glitchy breaks, twisted FX loops, weird bass sequences, deep pads, textures, glitch tools and more. If you are looking for exciting and inspiring sounds, this one is for you. 

Loops range from 125 to 145 bpm. All loops are tempo labelled and key labelled where applicable. 

A partir de $7.30

Broken Beat Techno

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Abstract presents ‘Broken Beat Techno’ - an inspirational collection of sounds blending elements of Techno, Breakbeat, Electronica, Minimal, Garage, Bass music and Old-School Rave. Drawing influences from artists and labels such as Overmono, Objekt, XL Recordings, Bicep, this pack is perfect for bringing a contemporary experimental sound to your Techno productions. 

Expect to find heavy beats, wobbling basses, rave leads, hypnotic sequences, twisted synths, chopped vocal loops, unique FX sounds, immersive textures, pads and a selection of ultra usable one-shot samples. This 100% royalty-free pack will give you all the tools you need to create deep and gritty music. 

Loops play at 130 bpm. All music elements are key-labelled. 

$30.41 $15.20

Old School Jams

par Niksu
Heavily inspired by the '90s rave culture, this authentic collection of loops and samples gives you all the tools you need to create modern house and tech-house tracks with a retro feel.
Expect to find early 90's house drum grooves, classic hooks, rave chords, spacey synths, bouncing basslines and retro pads. 
All loops are tempo locked at 128 bpm. All music loops are key-labelled.

Astral Electro

par Hyper

Modern spacey Electro and House sounds with a vintage feel. Inspired by the sets of selectors such as Binh, Francesco Del Garda and Evan Baggs, this classy collection delivers a unique array of timeless sounds designed to give your tracks a futuristic yet retro touch. 

Full of trippy synth sequences, raw and punchy machine drum grooves, electro-infused bases, retro chords, SFX, spacey pads and a set of ultra usable one-shot samples. This pack is ideally suited to Electro, Tech House, Minimal, House and beyond. 

All loops are tempo-synced at 126 bpm. All melodic elements are key-labelled. 

A partir de $7.60

Glitch Tools

par Weismann

‘Glitch Tools’ focuses on weird and quirky sounds designed to bring intricacy and weirdness to your productions. Inside the pack, you will find a range of twisted and warped glitchy loops and sounds, including vocals, percussion, textures and backgrounds.

These sounds are perfect for a wide range of genres such Minimal, House, Techno, Ambient, IDM, drum and bass and anything that requires an injection of glitch! All loops are tempo-synced at 125 bpm. 

Please Note:  Only glitch loops are included in the pack. Kick and hi-hat sounds in the demo track are for illustration purposes.

$12.16 $6.08

Deep Electro

par Abstract

A mix of electro breakbeats and deep, atmospheric vibes for the heads! Drawing influences from classic electro deep dubby techno and modern minimalist breakbeat sound, this unique pack is perfect for producers looking to bring a deep and atmospheric sound to their tracks.

Packed with robotic electro breakbeats, delayed synths, deep chords, nostalgic melodies, retro-style basses, rhythmic texture and selection of FX tools, this collection would fit well for Electro, Broken Techno and Breakbeat productions

All loops are tempo-synced at 128bpm. All melodic loops are key-labeled. 

$20.07 $10.03

Essential Electro Drums

Essential Electro Drums is a collection of drum loops handpicked from Sample Market's best-selling Electro packs to date. The loops have been gathered from two of our in-house labels Hyper and Abstract.

This collection contains full drums loops, no kick loops, hi hats & top loops,  kick loops, percussion loops, clap, and snare loops for maximum beat programming flexibility. Use the loops as they are or chop them up and re-work them loops to make them your own.

This includes loops from the following packs:

Abstract - Cosmic Electro

Abstract - Robotic Electro

Abstract - Futuristic Techno & Electro

Hyper - Electro Drums

Hyper - Electric House & Breaks

Tempos ranging from  125bpm - 130bpm, ideal for your electro and breakbeat and even techno productions!



par Niksu

Niksu presents ‘Movements’ a spectacular library of highly versatile background tools. This pack features 360 MB of rhythmic textures, glitchy percussive backgrounds and tonal sequences perfect for layering and adding movement, depth and emotion to your groove. 

All loops are tempo-synced at 128bpm. All tonal textures and sequences are key-labelled.

Please Note:  The Kick, Clap and Closed Hat sounds used in the demos are not included in the pack. Those drum sounds are taken from the One-Shot Suite pack.


New School Electro

par Abstract

Equally inspired by the new wave of space electro producers and the classic electro sounds of the 90s,  this collection contains all the tools you need to create up-tempo retro-future tracks. Inside this inspiring pack, you will find dystopian synths, spacey leads, hypnotic sequences, electronic breaks and retrosynthetic drums. The sample pack is designed for the loops to be chopped up, rearranged, reversed, distorted and edited to your heart's content. Enjoy!

Loops playing at 135 bpm. All sounds are key-labelled where applicable

$24.33 $12.16

Robotic Electro

par Abstract

Introducing ‘Robotic Electro’ an authentic collection of electro inspired sounds and loops. Packed with retro-future electronic breaks, mind-altering synths, twisted sequences, processed percussive grooves, dystopian pads, glitchy FX, sequenced and acid inspired bassline, this one is not to be missed!

If you’re looking to create building breakbeat, electro, minimal or techno, then this one is for you.  

Tempos ranging from 125pm to 130bpm. All loops are BPM and labelled and all music loops are also key-labelled.  

A partir de $6.08

Breakbeat Experiments

par Abstract

90s-inspired retro-futurism that blends breakbeat, electro and acid. Packed with complex drum workouts, cosmic synth sounds, hypnotic arps, acid sequences, electro basses and functional FX, this collection of loops and samples s is a great source of inspiration. 

If you produce anything from Techno, Breakbeat, Electro, Tech House, Garage to Minimal you will definitely find something interesting in here for you. All loops are served at 128bpm. All melodic loops are-key labelled.

Drum Loops -> From classic breakbeat and electro drums to glitchy experiments. All beats come with a full mix plus stripped variations (kick, snare, hats, no kick, percussion) 

Synth Loops -> Dark and trippy arpeggios, alien synths and mind-altering sounds. 

Bass Loops -> From classic electro basses and heavy gritty sequences to dubby subs

Acid Loops -> Inspirational acid-style loops and sequences. 

FX -> Glitchy hits, processed noses and crashes, vinyl backspins, scratches, stops and starts

Single Hits -> A ultra usable collection of Kicks, Claps & Snares, Hats, Percussion and Bass Hits

$36.49 $18.24

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