Teenage engineering (famous for their OP-Z sequencer) have released their second collaboration with the world-renowned game developer Capcom.

The Pocket Operator is in homage to the iconic game from the late 80’s, Mega Man with the previous collaboration (the PO-133) being dedicated to the Street Fighter series. 

The PO-128 Mega Man is a small device packed with an array of features. The device is a live synth running an 8-bit engine and a 16-step sequencer that comes equipped with 16 patterns and sound from the Mega Man series. The features don’t stop there with a handful more such as parameter locks, glide control, a micro drum and punch-in effects to keep yourself entertained for hours.

The PO’s nostalgic elements can bring back fond memories from your childhood with its animations on the screen, design of the product and its supply of Mega Man samples to get lost in. The device also has the same features as previous Pocket Operator’s such a built-in speaker, jam sync and also being able to connect to other audio equipment with a 3.5mm I/O.

This device is a perfect piece of gear for someone who wants to start getting into synthesisers and perfect for a present this Christmas. 

The device is available now at £85 from their website and music stores.