Meet The Space Bee SB01 

Superlative Instruments has recently started a crowd-funding campaign for their Space Bee (SB01) synthesizer, claimed to be the world’s thinnest and first rechargeable analogue synthesizer. According to the developer of this futuristic synthesizer, this instrument puts classic sound in a modern package and adds a number of essential upgrades.

The Roland’s classic SH-101 synthesizer undoubtedly influences the look of Space Bee, however, it is redesigned with machined aluminium construction and full-size keys for the future. SB01 is super-slim and compact enough to fit into a backpack.

Key Features

“A 3340 voltage-controlled oscillator feeds into a 4-pole OTA filter that makes for an iconic and unmistakable sound. You can make it snap and sing with responsive analogue envelopes, modulation, and portamento, or bring in external CV for deeper VCO and VCF control.”

“The ability to take the SB01 anywhere is reinforced by a generous 16-hour battery life for extended usage between charges. In addition, the battery is user-replaceable to ensure an instrument that lasts many years into the future.”

“A flexible new step sequencer for the SB01, centred around fluid live performance and intuitive for all skill levels. Simply load a sequence by entering notes in order, along with rests or slides, and hit play. Patterns with up to 256 notes can be saved in 64 different locations.”

“While playing, queue up a stored sequence with CHAIN mode or start it immediately with JUMP. A sequence direction modifier and transpose latching enable new possibilities, while the arpeggiator gives you several modes including random play.”

Here you can watch a short sound demo of SB01 and hear what it is capable of.

The synth is currently on Kickstarter, with pledge prices starting $949.