Meet the Hydrasynth,

Hydrasynth is the Ashun Sound Machine’s debut eight-voice polyphonic wave morphing synthesizer, offering three oscillators per voice and a very strong sound engine. The sound engine is designed for maximum flexibility. At the same time, the user interface is designed to allow you to edit the patch quickly with a minimal amount of paging and many workflow shortcuts.

The Hydrasynth comes with lots of great features including advanced wavetable synthesis engine, 3 Oscillators, dual Wave Mutators and 2 filters that can be configured in series or parallel.

The control section of the synthesizer has the four-octave keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch, pitch bend, mod wheel, and a large-size assignable ribbon controller.  Hydrasynth also has CV/Gate inputs for easy integration with modular synthesizers and other analogue instruments.

The Hydrasynth is now available at music stores from £1222.00

Here is a quick tour of the Hydrasynth: