Give yourself a break

Sometimes the best thing for inspiration is to take a break. When you have been creating music day in day out every so often the best thing to do is to take a break for a few days because burning out does happen!

Try taking a walk in a park, read a book, watch your favourite film/ TV show or hang out with friends. These things can easily clear your head and reset your creative flow to inspire you to create something new and interesting.

Listen to music that you would never normally listen to

Whilst you are producing music you are normally creating something in your preferred genre. Being stuck in a creative rough patch is something all artists experience and getting inspiration for your own track can easily be resolved by listening to different genres of music.

Continuously making techno sometimes the best thing to do is to listen to a genre that has no electronic influence to it. Critically listening to other genres and opens you up to a vast amount of influence and rhythmic possibilities.


Do a remix competition

Remix competitions are a great way to find inspiration due to the fact of producing something that already has all the elements to a track. With these elements (or stems as we call them); you have a starting point to bring your own flavor to a track.

There are some great sites that do remix competitions such as Wavo, Metapop, SKIO and Indaba Music.

Break some rules

Breaking rules has always been around in music, and sometimes it's the best thing to do for your track. Many artists do this from David Bowie with his “wrong” chord progressions or Berghain resident “Answer Code Request” who occasionally puts effects on the master. Provided, that this is something that is extremely controversial in music production.

Try doing things in your production that you would never normally do such as putting an LFO’d frequency shifter on your master channel to give your music an obscure and dissonant presence. By doing these things in your own productions your music will have a sense of speciality obscurity.

Force yourself to make something

Forcing yourself to make music is a great way to push your creativity out of you. Many great artists do not rely on inspiration, and they have to get the job done whether they like it or not.

The best way to get this done is to push yourself to start to create something and just let your creative juices start flowing till you achieve something that appeals to you.