Behringer is set to release a clone of the classic TR-808!

Not everyone can afford a second-hand TR-808. If you are lucky enough to buy one, you should also be ready to re-mortgage your house or sell your car. They are still going around between 4000 - 5000 pounds. Even though Roland is reproducing many of their classics; they have decided not to go ahead with TR808 and 909 reproductions. They have released a tiny version called boutique TR08, however, this is nowhere near the original unit.

We love drum machines and there is always room for more. Luckily, Behringer has seen this and decided to produce a Clone of the classic TR808. Can the new clone get close to the original? We don’t think so. However, Behringer adds more tweak ability to some of the drums. Bass Drum has tuning, Clap can get some sort of reverb and hi-hats can get Tone controlled too. This product is definitely aimed at those dreaming of having an 808!

The RD-8 from Behringer will come with lots of features, and some of them are not included in the original drum machine. We’ve gathered some of these features here for you:

Ø Behringer RD-8 is 100% analogue

Ø  Drive and pitch controls for the kick, pitch control for the hi-hats parameter locking on the 64-step sequencer and wave designer

Ø  It comes with 5-pin MIDI as well as MIDI via USB

Ø  Includes individual audio outputs for every drum channel

Ø Full 1/4" jack outputs for each sound and even allows you to control the pitch of the 808 kick via MIDI

As we don't have the unit, it's not possible to test it. However, we will do so once we get hold of one!