We caught up with German producer, DJ and live act Christian Burkhardt. We talked about his sample pack, favourite studio gear, live setup and upcoming projects.

Thanks for your time, Christian. Tell us a little bit about your sample pack. What equipment did you use and what was your workflow like? 

I used my Modular Rack, Matrix 1000, Juno, Field Recorder and all of my drum machines. I was just jamming as I usually do when starting a new tune. It was fun, though.

You created some amazing modular loops for this pack. How do you normally record? Do you use DAW synced to your system?

Yeah, the DAW is sending the master clock, which isn’t perfect. I don’t have a reset signal, so every time I hit start, the sequencers in the modular start at a different point and I get a different groove.

You’ve got a lot of analogue gear. What is your favourite piece of hardware?

Without any doubt my Modular rack 

How did you get interested in modular synths, and when did you start building your first Eurorack system?  

I started quite late. I knew that there are endless possibilities for making different sounds. And you easily get addicted to it. It’s like Märklin Train hobby. 

What DAW do you use to edit and arrange the sounds?

I started with Notator, then Logic and I have been using Ableton for the last 17 years. 

Do you have any favourite plugins or software?

I do a lot with MAX for live and the Soundtoys bundle

You also perform live. What kind of equipment do you use on the road for your LIVE sets?

It is changing all the time, with, without a computer, Modular Rack, MPC Live, TR8s, Electron Rhythm.

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2020? Are there any projects and upcoming releases you are excited about?

I’ve got lots of new projects planned in 2020. Remix for Rick Wade on a Detroit Label and for Rima Gorji on a Chicago Label. I’ve an EP coming out on a new LA Label. Some collaboration with Rich NXT and James Dexter… and much more