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Modern House

Niksu is back with yet another stunning pack that is sure to impress. Drawing inspiration from Minimal, Classic House and Deep Tech House, this sample pack offers a wide range of high-quality sounds that will elevate your productions.

Niksu's meticulous attention to detail and ability to combine different influences results in a unique blend of grooves, melodies, and textures. With this pack, you can expect expertly crafted drums, groovy basslines, catchy synth loops, FX, textures and more.

All loops play at 130 bpm. All melodic loops are key-labelled.


Summer Vibes

‘Summer Vibes’ is a unique collection of sounds and samples ideal for creating breezy and modern house tracks for vibey Summer sunset parties.

Expect to find contemporary house drum grooves, dreamy synths, minimalist chord loops, lush pads, spacey background sounds and a selection of super-usable one-shot samples and SFX. The pack also contains a folder with 40 bass, synth and pad MIDI files for melodic inspiration.

The loops in this collection play at 127 and 128 bpm. All loops are tempo labelled, all melodic loops are also key-labeled.


Old School Jams Vol.2

The second instalment of Niksu’s best-selling Old School Jams pack has arrived! Expect to find another euphoric collection of loops and samples massively influenced by the ’90s rave culture.

Packed full of crisp beats, classic synths, ravey stabs, dreamy synth sequences, floor-shaking bass loops, retro-style pads, and background tools, this sample library oozes with old-school nostalgia.

If you want to add that retro feel to your tech house or techno productions, this one is a must-have for you!

All loops play at 128bpm. All melodic loops are key-labelled as standard.


Broken Beats vol.2

Ukrainian sound designer Niksu presents the second volume of his best-selling Broken Beats pack. Fusing elements of old-school breakbeat, deep house, jazz and funk, this stylish collection of loops is not to be missed.

Inside, you will find expertly programmed broken beat drum grooves, warm synths, ravey stabs, uplifting melodies, funk-infused basslines, lush pads, background sounds and textures, SFX and more.

The sounds in this pack are suitable for a wide range of sounds, such as Breakbeat, Electronica, Garage, House, and Tech House, amongst others.


Bass Suite

Niksu presents ‘Bass Suite’, an essential collection of 50 bass loops ideal for modern House, Minimal and Tech House productions. Available in various keys and flavours from sequenced and funky to deep and subby.
This pack also includes 50 corresponding MIDI files, so you can use the patterns as an inspiration and make them your own. All loops are key-labelled and tempo-synced at 128 BPM.
Please Note: Demo contains drum sounds which are not included in this pack. This pack contains Bass loops and MIDI only.

Under Wonder Vol.3

The third edition of Niksu’s popular ‘Under Wonder’ series has landed! This classy collection of loops and samples provides all the tools you need to create modern house music with deeper, minimalist edge.

Inside this pack, you will find expertly programmed drum grooves, warm keys, hypnotic melodies, shifting filtered chords, electro-infused basses, deep pads, background sequences and tools, glitchy percussion loops and transition FX.

Loops in this library play from 127bpm to 128 bpm. All loops are tempo-labelled, and all melodic content is also key-labelled. Check out the demo for an idea of what this unique pack has in store.


Deep Vibes

Pulling influences across Deep Melodic House, Classic House, Lo-Fi and Soul, ‘Deep Vibes’ from Ukrainian producer and sound designer Niksu delivers 341.5 MB of carefully created loops and sounds for instant inspiration.
Within this collection, you will find nostalgic synths, deep warm pads and chords, vibrant keys, jackin' beats, funky basses and a whole range of essential sounds to kickstart your productions.
All loops are tempo-synced at 128bpm. All melodic content is also key-labelled.

Old School Jams

Heavily inspired by the '90s rave culture, this authentic collection of loops and samples gives you all the tools you need to create modern house and tech-house tracks with a retro feel. Expect to find early 90's house drum grooves, classic hooks, rave chords, spacey synths, bouncing basslines and retro pads.
All loops are tempo locked at 128 bpm. All music loops are key-labelled.

Minimal Trip Vol.2

The second instalment Minimal Trip’ has landed. Packed full of deep, trippy and hypnotic loops and samples designed for the deeper side of Minimal House, Tech House and Techno.

Inside this inspirational sample pack you will find a selection driving techy drum grooves, sequenced basses, esoteric synths, rhythmic textures, deep pads processed percussive tools a transition FX.

Loops within this pack play at 126 bpm. All loops are tempo-labelled, all melodic elements are also key labeled.

Check out the demo and the additional previews to get an idea of what this unique sound library has to offer!


Broken Beats

Blending old-skool inspired breaks and modern electronic sounds, ‘Broken Beats’ is the perfect selection for any producer looking to add unique sounds to their tracks. Inside you will find Intricate broken beats, deep hypnotic synths, ravey stabs, funky bass lines, rich textures and pads, SFX and super usable percussive tools.
The sounds in this pack are ideal if you produce Breakbeat, Upbeat Electronica, Deep Garage, Minimal House, Tech house or anything in between!
Tempos ranging between 126 bpm - 128 bpm. All loops are tempo labelled, and all musical elements are also key labelled.

Under Wonder Vol.2

The second installment of Under Wonder has arrived! Ukrainian producer and sound designer Niksu returns with another authentic collection of inspirational sounds and loop tools expertly designed for modern House, Garage, Tech House, and Minimal productions. 

Swinging drum grooves, spacey synths, dreamy chords, funk-fuelled bass lines, rhythmic textures and transition SFX are plentiful in this stunning pack.

Loops in this library play from 127 to 132bpm. All loops are tempo-labeled, and all music elements are also key-labeled.



Niksu presents ‘Movements’ a spectacular library of highly versatile background tools. This pack features 360 MB of rhythmic textures, glitchy percussive backgrounds and tonal sequences perfect for layering and adding movement, depth and emotion to your groove.

All loops are tempo-synced at 128bpm. All tonal textures and sequences are key-labelled.

Please Note: The Kick, Clap and Closed Hat sounds used in the demos are not included in the pack. Those drum sounds are taken from the One-Shot Suite pack.


One-Shot Suite

Niksu presents ‘One-Shot Suite’ an essential collection of one-shot samples ready to drop into a sampler of your choice. Packed with kicks, claps, snares, percussion, hats, SFX shots, chords, stabs and bass shots suitable for a wide range of genres and styles such as house, tech-house, techno, breakbeat, electro, minimal and more. 

This pack also contains bonus loops broken down into 4 folders that include drum loops, bass loops, synth loops, backgrounds & textures. 


Minimal Trip

Niksu is back with another stunning collection of loops and samples. Packed with perfectly programmed drums, quirky synths, useful background sounds and textures, deep rolling basses, processed percussive grooves and transition FX, ‘Minimal Trip’ delivers a wealth of inspiring starting points for your minimal, deep tech, house and dubby techno productions.
Tempos ranging from 124 - 127. All loops are BPM labelled and key labelled where applicable.

2-Step & Garage

Niksu presents ‘2 - Step & Garage’ - An authentic collection of UK Garage-influenced sounds and samples. Packed with heavily swung beats, weighty sub-bases, classic chords and deep synths, warm pads, this pack contains everything you’ll need to inject that touch of garage flavour to your tracks.

This collection is perfect for anyone looking to create Garage, Broken Beat, Deep House and Classic House, or anything in between!

Tempos ranging from 132bpm - 139bpm, all loops are BPM labelled and key labelled where applicable.


Under Wonder

Niksu presents ‘Under Wonder’ -  a stellar collection of sounds and samples fusing elements of retro-future House with Garage. Expect to find timeless drum grooves, warms keys, spacey synths, deep chords,  funk-fuelled basslines, lush pads, rich textures and more. Packed full of content with a modern twist this one is perfect for those looking for new inspiration.

With tempo ranging from 126 to 130bpm, this packs fits well in many styles including house, deep house, garage, tech-house and minimal.

All loops are tempo labelled and all music loops are also key-labelled. Listen to the demos for an idea what this unique pack has to offer!


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