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M.I.T.A. - Hardgroove Selection

RAWthentic Music is excited to bring you the Hardgroove Selection pack produced by none other than M.I.T.A.!

Inside, you will find a wide collection of expertly crafted loops ranging from Bass loops to Sequence loops to Synth and Vocal loops and much more.


Minimal Track From Scratch - Video Course

We are happy to present our first ever ‘Creating A Track From Scratch’ course for our SM Studio label. Multi-talented producer and sound designer Christopher Ledger provides us with an excellent tutorial demonstrating a plethora of production processes and techniques for creating a trippy minimal track from start to finish.

Christopher Ledger a versatile producer with an impressive skills and deep knowledge. He is able to produce a wide range of genres from Minimal, Deep Dub Techno and Breaks to Electro, IDM, Ambient and Atmospheric Drum & Bass. Chris has also created a number of unique packs for our in-house labels Hyper, Abstract and Weismann. This course gives him the opportunity to share his years of experience in an organic and detailed manner

Whether you’re trying to produce and finish your first ever loopy minimal track, or just want to learn new production techniques and find inspiration, this tutorial would be a valuable investment for you.

DAW: The lessons are shown within Ableton Live. However many of the processes can be applied to any DAW.

Instant download. No Stream. Download and keep forever. 

Please Note: The zip file is quite large in size (5.07 GB) and it may take longer to download on a slower internet connection.


Essential Sequences

Essential Sequences is a collection of bass, synth and percussion sequences hand-picked from bestselling sequence loops packs previously released on our Weismann, Hyper and Autioteknik in-house labels.

These sounds are be ideal for injecting unique groove and movement to any Minimal, Tech House, House, Techno or Breakbeat tracks.

Tempos ranging from 125bpm to 130bpm. All loops are BPM labelled, and all synth and bass loops are key-labelled where applicable.

This pack includes 130 sequence loops from the following packs:

Audioteknik  - Sequenced Bass

Hyper - Techno Sequences

Weismann - Analogue Sequences

Weismann - Minimal House Sequences

Please note: This pack contains vocal bass sequences, synth sequences and percussive sequences only. Drum loops heard in the demo track are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.


Liquid Minimal

Dive deep into this stunning collection of loops and samples inspired by the sound of renowned artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Rhadoo, Maayan Nidam, Margaret Dygas, Baby Ford, and Fumiya Tanaka. Meticulously crafted by one of the most creative producers and sound designers in the scene, this pack features a range of unique sounds that will inject your tracks with captivating avant-garde energy.

Within this library, you will find glitchy drum workouts, trippy synths and music loops, quirky sequenced basslines, dystopian pads rhythmic textures, unique SFX and a selection of drum hits. All drum loops are broken into stems, giving you ultimate beat control and endless inspiration.

The sounds within this pack would be suitable not only for Minimal but other genres and styles such as Breakbeat, Electronica, Deep Techno, Experimental, Tech House, Ambient and more.

All loops play at 128bpm. All melodic loops are key-labelled for ease.


Percussion Collection

Weismann are happy to present ‘Percussion Collection’ an essential bundle selection including 5 of their best selling percussion packs with  65% off saving.

This collection is packed full of unique percussive tools designed to add intricacy and abstract movement to your drum grooves.

Loops within this pack play between 125bpm and 128 bpm, making them perfect for Minimal, Techno, Tech House, Experimental, Glitch, Breakbeat, Electro and anything in between.

Packs included are:

Glitchy Percussion

Modular Percussion

Mangled Percussion 

Experimental Percussion

Textural Percussion


Kinetic Stabs - Sound Tool Series

Welcome to the first edition of our new Sound Tool Series. Each pack in this series focuses on a specific category of samples, such as bass, chords, synths, or vocals. We designed these packs using only hardware instruments, outboard EQ and compressor, along with professional audio preamps and converters, resulting in a rich analog sound that is accessible to everyone.

In our inaugural edition, called "Kinetic Stabs," we are excited to present 80 different sequences of Progressive Wobble Bass Stabs. We have noticed a surge of this type of sound in recent underground club tracks by artists like Spray and Adam Pits to name a few. With that in mind, we crafted a selection of stunning "Wobs" using the PRO-3 from Sequential Instruments, accompanied by our own custom patches and processed with high-quality outboard gear. Each stab in these sequences is unique and morphs into a different state with each step, creating captivating lead sounds that can take center stage in your productions.

Every sequence is available in both DRY and WET formats for complete flexibility. Additionally, each sequence is labeled with its key and BPM for easy integration into your projects.


Minimal Top Loops

60 unique top loops that will provide movement and groove to your drum grooves. Perfect for modern House, Minimal, Micro House, Deep Techno and more.

Speed up your production worlflow with these expertly programmed loops. Chop them up, slice them and re-arrange and get creative.

All loops are tempo-synced at 130.


Old School Techno

Raw, heavy, high-energy techno inspired by the old-school sound of the ’90s and early 00’s. Expect to find relentless full beats, repetitive, hypnotic synth sequences, classic analogue basses, and a selection of super usable one-shots.

All full beat loops are stemmed out for full drum mixing and customisation, including no kick, hats, percussion, kicks, claps and snares. The full beat loops could be used as tools in DJ sets.

All loops play at 145 bpm, making this pack ideal for heavier techno productions. All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty-free.


Glitch Drums

Due to popular demand, Weismann delivers another collection of glitched-out loops that will provide unique energy and complex groove to your productions. This pack contains a mixture of percussive tools, top loops, and background sounds ideal for layering over your drum grooves.

All loops are tempo-synced at 130bpm. The sounds would be suitable for Deep Tech, Minimal, Electronica, IDM, Tech House, Experimental, Electro, Deep Techno, Dub Techno and more.

Please note: Kick, bass and hi hat sounds used in are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the collection


Glitchy Elements

The name of this pack almost speaks for itself. Inside this collection, you will find a plethora of glitchy top loops, percussive elements, mangled breaks, quirky FX and glitched out-synths designed to inspire.

Whether you’re looking for glitched elements to enhance your drums or exciting sounds for your breaks, this pack will give you everything you need to take your tracks in a totally new direction.

All loops play at 128 bpm.


Deep Minimal Tech - Serum Presets

SM Studio presents Deep Minimal Tech - Serum Presets - a collection of 76 unique presets for the ground-breaking Xfer Records' Serum Plugin. Inspired by the current Minimal Tech House sound, this user-friend preset bank offers excellent sound design and complexity whilst still providing you creative control over shaping the sound to fit into your tracks.

This bank features all sounds and elements you need to create forward-thinking dance music from deep basses and chords and Keys alongside Leads, Sequenced Chords, Glitchy FX & Percussion Sequences and more.

Requirements: To use the presets, you must own a full and up-to-date copy of the 'Xfer Records Serum.' Please make sure you have the latest version before ordering.

Please note: This pack contains presets for Xfer Serum synth only. The drum loops used in the demo are not included.



Mangled Drum Fills

60 Heavily processed and mangled drum fills designed for Tech House, Techno, Minimal Tech, House, Breakbeat, Experimental and more. Forward-thinking sound design elements specifficaly created to bridge the gaps in your tracks and help your transitions.

Get experimental, lift your tracks and add an interesting ingredient to your drum grooves and build-ups with this amazing set of tools. All samples are tempo-synced at 130 bpm, ready to drag and drop into your favourite DAW or sampler.


Groovy Minimal

Due to popular demand, Hyper delivers another authentic collection of sounds and samples designed for sophisticated minimal and micro house tracks. Created by one of the most prolific producers in the scene, this library is packed to the brim with rolling drum grooves, atmospheric pads, bizarre synths, chopped vocals, menacing textures & backgrounds, deep basses SFX and a selection of one-shot samples.

Delving into the fusion of hardware machines and cutting-edge software synths and tools, ‘Groovy Minimal’ offers a wide range of inspiring content to work with - 498 sounds in total!

All loops are tempo-synced at 126 bpm. All melodic loops and samples are key-labelled for convenience.


Modern Electro - Serum Presets

Modern Electro is a collection of 75 expertly designed patches for Xfer Records’ powerful Serum soft synth. This preset pack explores the dark and trippy electro-inspired by artist and labels such as Christian AB, Quest, Art Of Dark, Francesco Del Garda, Cabaret,  Timeless, Jensen Interceptor and more.

Inside you will find rhythmic arps & sequences, distorted basses, deep pads, spacey leads, chord stabs, plucks and drums. If you are using Serum synth and want to expand your sonic palette with highly useable selection of presets then this pack would be a perfect fit for you.

Requirements: To use the presets, you must own a full and up-to-date copy of 'Xfer Records Serum.' Please make sure you have the latest version before ordering.

Please note: This pack contains presets for Xfer Serum synth only. The drum loops used in the demo are not included.


Sequenced Percussion

Weismann brings you another collection of the most useful sample tools - percussion. Packed with expertly produced sonically exciting and complex percussion loops that will make your drum grooves stand out. 

All loops are tempo-synced at 130 bpm, making them suitable for Minimal, Tech-House, Techno, Electro, Garage and Breaks.

Please note: This pack contains percussion loops only. The kick, hi-hat and clap samples used in the demo are not included.


Modular Minimal Sequences

Synthesized glitchy percussive tools, sequenced synth and bass grooves created using a modular rig and processed with a mixture of analogue and digital FX.

Perfect for adding movement, groove and complexity to any Minimal, Micro House, Techno, Breaks, Electro and Experimental tracks.

All loops play at 128bpm and are key labelled where applicable.

Please note: The drum loops used in the demo are not included in the pack. This library contains bass, synth & percussion sequences only.


Artist Series 06: Kirik

di Sine

Ukrainian producer Kirik has created a huge sample library for Sine Artist series. This stunning collection showcases Kirik’s unique intelligent minimal sound, ready to inspire your productions.

Combining minimal and tech-house and deep house, this pack offers a huge amount samples and loops to work with. 535 sounds in total! Inside, you will find rolling minimal beats, hypnotic synths, deep, moody basses, percussion loops, spacey pads, dreamy guitar loops, dark and twisted vocal loops, Sci-Fi FX, background and texture textures and a selection of single hits.

All loops are tempo-synced at 125bpm and labelled with bpm. All melodic loops are also labelled with key. Check out the main demo and the individual loops previews to get an idea of what this pack offers.


Minimal Studio Essential

Minimalism born from the need of minimalist composers to make abstract avant-garde music of the early 1960s more accessible.

The modern version of minimal music is based on the constant repetition of simple patterns and is characterized by minimal sounds that combine Deep House and Minimal Techno influences.

Among the most common rhythms of the stylistics there are the "kick" and the "hi-hat" while another recurring element, are the short samplings that include those of synthesized instruments and keyboards.

The Minimal Studio Essential sample pack is a unique collection composed with latest generation analog instruments.


Broken Techno

Audioteknik present ‘Broken Techno’ an essential collection of sounds for high-bpm broken beat Techno. Packed with heavy beats, modular-like synth sequences, heavy basses, dark, murky atmospheres, industrial textures and a selection of one-shot samples, this sample pack is guaranteed to inspire your heavy techno productions.

The drum loops in this collection are served as full beats, no kick, percussion, kick, hats, clap & snare stems. You can mix and match all the kits to re work or create complete new beats and rhythms.

All loops play at 140 bpm. Check out the demos and additional previews to get and idea of this amazing pack has in store.


Minimal Sequences - Serum Presets

SM Studio presents' Minimal Sequences - Serum Presets" - an advanced collection of 70 sequenced presets for Xfer Records' powerful Serum software synth. 

This unique library offers an array of sequenced synths, basses, and complex percussion, perfect for Minimal House, Micro House, Minimal Techno, Deep Techno, Electro, Deep Tech House, Breaks and beyond. 

Requirements: To use the presets, you must own a full and up-to-date copy of the 'Xfer Records Serum.' Please make sure you have the latest version before ordering.

Please note: This pack contains presets for Xfer Serum synth only. The drum loops used in the demo are not included.



Tripped-Out Tech

Deep and druggy grooves for late night dance floors. Packed with weird sci-fi synths, intoxicating sequences, deep basses, driving drum grooves, quirky FX and textures, this collection of trippy minimalist tech-house loops is not to be missed!

‘Tripped-Out Tech’ is the perfect inspiration to start any Minimal, Deep Tech-House, or Dubby Techno Track.

All loops play at 130 bpm. All melodic content is key-labelled.


Hardgroove Techno

Inspired by the sound of artists like Ben Clock, DVS 1, Rebekah, Len Faki and more. ‘Hardgroove Techno’ delivers a powerful collection of high-BPM heavy techno grooves. Expect to find minimal bass and synth sequences, heavy drums, industrial atmos and backgrounds, weird FX loops and a collection of one-shot samples.

Loops within this pack play at 145 bpm. All synth and bass loops are key-labelled.


Mangled Percussion

‘Mangled Percussion’ is a collection of complex, glitched-out, synthetic percussive tools and grooves ideal for Minimal, Deep Techno, Breaks, Tech House, Experimental, Garage and more.

Perfect for side-chaining or layering, these unique loops can be used to add complex rhythms, glitchy patterns and abstract feel to a wide range of electronic genres. Layer these loops over your drum grooves, chop them up, slice them and create something special.

All loops are tempo synced at 125 bpm.

Please note: This pack contains percussion loops and one-shots only. The kick, hi-hat and clap samples used in the demo are not included.


Techno Top Loops

Speed up your drum programming with this collection of 50 Techno Top Loops. Layer them over a kick for instant results. 

All loops are tempo-synced at 130 bpm making them ideal for any style of Techno. These sounds are guaranteed to add energy and drive to your drum grooves. 

Please note: The kick samples from the demo track are not included. This pack contains top loops only. 


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