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Originals: Leon

We are happy to welcome Italian producer Leon to our Original artist series! This collection is loaded with expertly crafted loops and samples to inspire your modern House and Tech House productions. Expect to find Jacking drums, rolling beats, techny bass lines, hypnotic synths, deep textures, background sounds, one shot samples, transition FX and more. 

For a while now, LEON has been making huge waves in the house music scene. With support from the likes of Carl Cox, Marco Carola, and LOCO DICE, there is no question why Leon has played at some of the best clubs in the world like Amnesia Ibiza, Cielo NY, Space Miami, Fabric London, Rex Paris, Dc10 Ibiza, In 2000, Leon started his own record label D-Floor Records all while touring the world and securing a residency for Music On Ibiza. So far in 2015, Leon closed The BPM Festival with a b2b set with Marco Carola, performed at Ultra Music Festival Buenos Aires, and has a forthcoming track on Relief, Saved and Viva Music…

Born and raised in Italy Leon’s obsession with house music started at a young age after discovering the music of Danny Tenaglia, Todd Terry & Laurent Garnier, something he still regards as a major influence on his sound to this day. Djing in Italy from a young age would inevitably lead to production for someone of Leon’s ability. At the age of 23 he took his first steps in the production world. However rather than rush things he knew he needed to hone his talents. 3 years of hard work later and he is starting to bear the fruits of this work, and starting to show the world that he means business!

Loops within this pack play between 124bpm and 130 bpm. All loops are tempo labeled, all music elements are also key-labeled.

Da £15.00

Originals: Alexis Cabrera

Argentinian artist Alexis Cabrera delivers a massive collection of ultra-usable sounds, loops and single hits exclusively curated for our Originals Series. Blending minimal, breakbeat, electro and tech house, this pack showcases Alexis’ unique sound. Inside you will find intricate drum grooves, acoustic drum loops and hits, processed percussive tools, vocoder vocals, quirky synth sequences, funk-fuelled basses and more.

Alexis Cabrera’s Live act reveals craftsmanship on modular synthesis, delivering a heady meld of peculiar electronic dance music loosely forming minimal house and electro, without conforming to either.

Addicted to the freeform experimentation, Alexis Cabrera is reimagining his own productions as they each morph and warp the tracks into something new entirely. His style, without any doubt evolves in the most renowned league of producers from Argentina, growing to be quite popular among those who enjoy a well-performed live set.

Loops within this pack play between 121- 130-bpm. All loops are tempo-labeled. All musical elements are also key-labelled.


Originals: Cristi Cons

We are delighted to welcome Cristi Cons to our Original series! The Romanian producer has created a classy collection of impeccably crafted loops and samples showcasing his timeless signature sound. Inside you will find dreamy synths, lush pads, crispy drums, sci-fi textures, deep basses, transition FX and a selection of one-shot samples.

Raised in a family of musicians, Cristi Cons became interested in electronic music during his high school years, slowly shifting from playing the cello to turntables, synthesizers and drum machines.

He is one of the founders of Amphia, a record label that aims to exhibit multiple facets of electronic music. His longtime partnership with Vlad Caia has been prominent under the SIT monicker, releasing records on their own Amphia imprint as well as other labels such as Sushitech, Do Easy or Half Baked records.

As part of Amorf, a genre binding project created alongside Vlad and pianist Mischa Blanos, Cristi has enjoyed a fresh take on live performing and studio work.

Tempos within this collection are ranging from 126t bpm to 129 bpm. All Loops are tempo-labelled. All melodic elements such as synths, basses, pads and textures are also key-labelled.


Originals: David Gtronic

David Gtronic delivers a unique collection of sounds and samples for our Originals Series! Expertly programmed beats, glitchy percussive tools, deep dubby synths merge with spacey pads, quirky sequenced basslines, FX textures and a selection of ultra usable one-shots. This library is full of essential ingredients to help jump-start producers creating modern Tech House, Minimal, Dubby House and Deep Techno.

Having relocated to Berlin in 2013, the Colombian-born DJ and producer has grown to become a key name within house, techno, and minimal, welcoming sets at Sunwaves, Episode Festival, and The BPM Festival, appearances for Music On, tours across Australia, Japan, and South America, and a residency at the legendary Club der Visionaere.
A mainstay within Hectors’ renowned Vatos Locos family, releasing a wealth of material on the label and featuring across its global showcases, Gtronic continues to see his stock rise as one of the scene’s most consistent artists. Known for his bass-driven, percussive sound, it’s those obscured flourishes of organic elements that colour his sound and set him apart from the pack, highlighted via EPs on labels such as SCI+TEC and Moan.

Loops in this pack play between 125 bpm - 130 bpm. All loops are tempo-synced and key-labeled where applicable.


Originals: Livio & Roby

We are extremely excited to welcome Livio & Roby to our Originals series. The Romanian minimal wizards bring you an inspiring sample collection created with their hardware-heavy setup.

Expect to find sophisticated drum grooves, lo-fi synths, modular sequences, fat, deep basses, rich experimental pads, innovative FX and a great selection of one-shot samples that ooze analogue warmth and sonic character.

Packed with 536  samples and loops and weighing in at 1GB download size, this library offers a huge variety of sounds that will inspire you to unleash maximum creativity.

Loops play between 122 bpm - 130 bpm. All melodic sounds are key-labelled.


Originals: Cesare vs Disorder

Italian born Brazil-based artist, producer and audio engineer Cesare vs Disorder delivers an inspirational sample pack for our Originals series. Immerse yourself in this vast library of sounds created with Cesare’s hardware-heavy studio set up.

Cesare’s background is eclectic, ranging from classical music studies and live drums to a deep passion for jazz, electronica and hip hop and his discography stretches over for years and continents and includes major indie labels in his back catalogue such as Cocoon, Bpitch Control, Transmat, Crosstown Rebels, and tons of underground imprints, from Vakant to NervMusic via his own label Serialism that has been a reference in the industry for almost 15 years.

Loops in this collection play between at 127 and 132 bpm. All melodic files are key-labelled for convenience. The sounds within this pack are suitable for a wide range of dance genres such as Micro House, Minimal, Breakbeat, Deep Techno, Tech House and beyond.


Originals: Reboot

The German production wizard Reboot delivers a stunning collection of loops and samples for our Originals series. Expect to find 1.7GB of content including live jammed analogue drum grooves, organic beats, deep sub bass sequences, hypnotic synths, twisted vocal loops, pads, dynamic textures, transition FX and expertly crafted one-shot samples.

Reboot has released classic records on labels such as Cadenza, Cocoon, Defected, SeiEsDrum, Moon Harbour, Circus, Renaissance, Below, Cecille and many many more. His inquisitive musical nature pushed him to constantly experiment with new sounds and rhythms. This has allowed him to develop into a compelling performer who feels equally at home behind the decks or playing live.

Reboot has joined the ranks of some of the most respected names in the house and techno realm, played a pivotal role in Luciano`s Vagabundos Brand, Reboot’s very own Rock N’ Beats party at the Ushuaïa (Ibiza), his residency at Pacha (Ibiza), Noon Records (till 2018) In addition to his own musical projects, Reboot is involved in the field of artist promotion and development in Frankfurt, as part of the Proton Music production team and as a lecturer in sound synthesis & electronic music production at the SAE Institute Frankfurt.

The loops in this collection are tempo-synced at 126 and 128bpm. All melodic files are key-labelled for convenience


Originals: Floog

We are delighted to welcome Romanian live artist Floog to our Originals series! This pack delivers over 930MB of instantly usable sounds and loops showcasing Floog’s groovy minimal sound. Expect to find sophisticated drum grooves,  live jammed modular loops, groove fills, spacey pads, deep atmospheres, wacky synths, hooky sequences, quirky basslines and more.

Growing up with influences from Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Jean Michelle Jarre and Pink Floyd, George aka Floog has developed an extreme interest into the sounds of electronic music; from equipment, to sound design, to production and performance. His big debut alongside Livio & Roby as Premiesku has launched Floog into a spectrum of endless work in the studio and live performances, discovering new skills and techniques to perfect his imprint, from underground techno to house and other fusion of genres.

All loops are tempo-synced at 126bpm and all melodic files are key-labelled for convenience.


Originals: Djebali

Sample Market proudly presents the 5th edition of Originals Series by Parisian House Maestro Djebali.

A Parisian club kid in the early 2000s, Djebali has grown into one of the most accomplished house producers from the city’s new generation of talent. Driven by his own self-titled imprint in 2011 and several sub-labels, together with a constant flow of gigs at high-profile clubs around the globe and a back catalogue full of classic house grooves, he is one of Paris’ shining stars…

Djebali was first backed by long-serving Paris head Terence:Terry: at the legendary ‘After Party Is Not A Crime’ nights, before making numerous appearances at Rex Club and holding down a residency at the Freak N’ Chic Batofar parties between 2008 and 2010. Since then, it’s been a steady rise up the ranks, with Djebali’s hard work and ingenuity taking him around the world

Drum Loops -> Contemporary drum grooves, raw beats and timeless house rhythms all custom programmed with MPC samplers and drum machines. All beats are served as full mixes broken down into No Kick, Hats, Percussion, Kick, Clap and Snare loops for total flexibility.

Bass Loops -> Funky bass lines and classic analogue sequences.

Synth & Music Loops -> Classic filtered deep chords, glitchy synth lines, bleepy leads and funky guitar loops.

Pads -> Deep, lush pads and emotive sound beds designed to add that dept to your tracks.

SFX -> Risers, down-shifters and transition FX tools and more.

One-Shot Samples -> A curated collection of authentic drum hits and one-shot bass samples.

All loops are tempo labelled and all music loops are also key-labelled.


Originals: Christian Burkhardt

The second instalment of our Original Series comes from the German minimal House and Techno maestro Christian Burkhardt.

Christian Burkhardt is an artist truly absorbed with the range of sonic possibilities. A producer not content with existing within the realms of House and Techno, but one that is determined to further stretch its limits with his signature sound. A native of Heidelberg, Germany, who along with the likes of Reboot, Johnny D, Markus Fix, Ray Okpara - all from the country‘s Southwest quarter - have carved out a niche‘ revolution within House and Techno that has influenced the global electronic music community nearly as much as Detroit, Chicago, London and Berlin have in there respective years of glory. He approaches music-making with a strong detail to complex rhythms that not only move your body, but rise above generic club music. His masterful use of technology meshed with the warm sounds of analog gear and many of music production experience, have tinged his production with a unique sound that other producers praise and DJ‘s never seem to stop playing. With releases on well respected labels such as Cocoon, Raum… Music and Eastenderz, to name a few, he has established himself as one of the top underground artists.

Christian delivers a unique collection of royalty-free signature sounds and loops. Here’s what to expect:

Drum Loops -> Expertly programmed drum grooves from trippy and driving to swung and groovy. All drums come as full mixes as well as stripped stems for fully customisable drum programming.

Modular Loops -> Live modular sequences, quirky sounds, bleeps and hypnotic groove tools.

Bass Loops -> Deep subs, acid lines, modular sequences and more.

Synth Loops -> Deep chords, spacey synths and twisted sounds.

Backgrounds -> Processed urban field recordings, deep atmospheres and strings.

SFX -> Noises, risers, drum rolls and weird sounds.

Single Hits -> Kicks, snares, claps, hats, percussion, bass and synth hits with analogue character.

All loops are tempo-synced at 128bpm and key-labelled where applicable. Check out the demos for an idea of what this fantastic pack has in store.


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