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Originals: Christopher Ledger

Italian studio wizard Christopher Legder delivers a classy collection of cutting-edge loops and samples for our Original Artist Series. With this pack, Chris showcases his unique signature sound, a mix of atmospheric breaks, deep techno, minimal and electro. Expect to find intricate breakbeats, powerful drum grooves, deep pads, rhythmic textures, hypnotic synths & music loops, scratch FX and much more.

Whether it's his slick, accomplished studio work or his natural skills behind the booth, Christopher Ledger does both well - very, very well. A humble but talented artist dedicated to his craft and with a keen sense for different shades of music, Christopher has already amassed stand-out tracks on Adam's Bite, Amphia, Cocoon, DIAL, and Sushitech, to name a few.

Packed with 434 loops and samples, this library offers a huge variety of sounds suitable for various electronic genres. Whether you produce minimal, breaks, electro, deep techno or ambient, this pack has you covered.

All loops play at 130 bpm. All synth, bass and pad samples are key-labelled for ease.

$45.21 $22.61

90's Jungle

Abstract brings you the timeless sound of 90's Jungle with choppy breaks, oldskool rave stabs and chords, earthquake basses, nostalgic melodies and transition FX.

This sample pack offers an extensive collection of 357 loops and samples oozing with old-school authenticity - a must-have for anyone looking to create Jungle, DNB, Breakbeat or add an old-school flavour element to their Tech-House or Techno tracks.

All loops play at 165 BPM. All melodic loops are key-labelled for ease.

$32.30 $16.15

Percussion Collection

Weismann are happy to present ‘Percussion Collection’ an essential bundle selection including 5 of their best selling percussion packs with  65% off saving.

This collection is packed full of unique percussive tools designed to add intricacy and abstract movement to your drum grooves.

Loops within this pack play between 125bpm and 128 bpm, making them perfect for Minimal, Techno, Tech House, Experimental, Glitch, Breakbeat, Electro and anything in between.

Packs included are:

Glitchy Percussion

Modular Percussion

Mangled Percussion 

Experimental Percussion

Textural Percussion

$19.38 $9.69

Live Drum Fills

50 Live played acoustic drum fills and rolls recorded by a professional session drummer. Add a human feel to your drum grooves and breaks with these unique samples.

All samples are recorded at 128 bpm making them perfect for a wide range of genres such us House, Tech House, Minimal, Garage, Breaks, Techno and more.

$12.92 $6.46

Essential Breakbeat Drums

Essential Breakbeat Drums is a collection of drum loops handpicked from bestselling breakbeat packs previously released on our Abstract label. Inside you will find a a superb selection of full drum grooves served with stripped stems for maximum beat making flexibiliy

This pack includes 313 loops from the following packs:

Dissolved Breaks

Lunar Breaks

Breakbeat Experiments

Leftfield Breaks

Hybrid Breaks

Tempos ranging from 122-128bpm. The loops are suitable for Breakbeat, Garage, Minimal, Tech House and Techno productions. .

313 Drum Loops (Including variations)


Glitchy Elements

The name of this pack almost speaks for itself. Inside this collection, you will find a plethora of glitchy top loops, percussive elements, mangled breaks, quirky FX and glitched out-synths designed to inspire.

Whether you’re looking for glitched elements to enhance your drums or exciting sounds for your breaks, this pack will give you everything you need to take your tracks in a totally new direction.

All loops play at 128 bpm.

$12.92 $6.46

Evolving Drones & Pads

A fusion of dark ominous drones, complex soundscapes, sci-fi sounds, quirky textures and otherworldly evolving pads, suitable for a wide range of genres and styles. Wether you produce anything from Ambient, Cinematic or Experimental to Minimal, Tech-House Techno, Electro or Breaks, this pack has got all the tools you need to add dept and unique backgrounds to your tracks.

All sounds play at 128bpm and are key-labelled where possible.

Please note: Only Drone and Pad sounds are included in this pack. The Drums and bass in the main Demo are for illustration only.

$15.50 $7.75

Mangled Drum Fills

60 Heavily processed and mangled drum fills designed for Tech House, Techno, Minimal Tech, House, Breakbeat, Experimental and more. Forward-thinking sound design elements specifficaly created to bridge the gaps in your tracks and help your transitions.

Get experimental, lift your tracks and add an interesting ingredient to your drum grooves and build-ups with this amazing set of tools. All samples are tempo-synced at 130 bpm, ready to drag and drop into your favourite DAW or sampler.

$9.04 $4.52

Oldskool Breaks & Rave

‘Oldskool Rave & Breaks’ is a timeless collection of loops and samples inspired by the early 90’s UK Breakbeat & Rave sound. Bursting with authentic sounds, engineered to deliver raw energy and impact, this sample library is a must-have for producers looking to inject an old-school feel and character into their tracks. Expect vintage drum breaks, classic drum machine grooves, hardcore rave stabs, nostalgic chords, hypnotic synth sequences, transition FX, and so much more.

All loops are locked in at 130 bpm. The full drum loops are served as ‘clean’ and ‘processed’. All synth, chord and bass sounds are key-labelled for maximum ease.

$38.75 $19.38

Deep Pads

An inspiring collection of 50 deep and emotive pads ideal for adding melodic depth and character into your tracks. From longer evolving and modulated pads to shorter loops, the sounds in this compact sample library would be suitable for a wide range of genres. All pads are tempo-synced at 128bpm and key-labeled.

Please note: Only Pads are included in this product. The Drums and bass in the main Demo are for illustration only.

$10.33 $5.17

Sequenced Percussion

Weismann brings you another collection of the most useful sample tools - percussion. Packed with expertly produced sonically exciting and complex percussion loops that will make your drum grooves stand out. 

All loops are tempo-synced at 130 bpm, making them suitable for Minimal, Tech-House, Techno, Electro, Garage and Breaks.

Please note: This pack contains percussion loops only. The kick, hi-hat and clap samples used in the demo are not included.

$15.50 $7.75

Deep Minimal DNB

Fusing Minimal, Drum & Bass, Experimental Electronica, Glitch and Half-Tempo with cutting-edge experimental sound design, Deep Minimal DNB offers a plethora of weird and wonderful sonic tools. Packed with glitchy drum loops, half-tempo beats, twisted basslines, ethereal pads and atmospheres, hypnotic synths, quirky FX and a selection of one-shot samples, this collection is a great source of inspiration for any producers looking for different and unique sounds.

The sounds in this pack will be incredibly useful for a wide range of genres, not only for Drum & Bass, Glitch, Microfunk, Half-Tempo, Jungle IDM, Breaks and atmospheric/chill genres, but also any underground dance genre. Load the sounds into your DAW or sampler of choice and start experimenting. Chop them, slice them, time stretch them and use different bits to create something unique.

All loops play at 170bpm. All melodic content is key-labelled for convenience. Check out the main demo and the additional previews to get an idea of what this pack offers.

$32.30 $16.15

Electro Breaks

Weismann presents ‘Electro Breaks’ - a collection of punchy retro-future electro beats suitable for classic and contremporary electro productions.

This pack features 20 expertly produced and processed full drum loops broken out into all essential stems (no kick, hats, kick, percussion, snares & claps) for maximum flexibility.

Loops in this collection play at 132 and 136 bpm

$18.73 $9.37

Modular Minimal Sequences

Synthesized glitchy percussive tools, sequenced synth and bass grooves created using a modular rig and processed with a mixture of analogue and digital FX.

Perfect for adding movement, groove and complexity to any Minimal, Micro House, Techno, Breaks, Electro and Experimental tracks.

All loops play at 128bpm and are key labelled where applicable.

Please note: The drum loops used in the demo are not included in the pack. This library contains bass, synth & percussion sequences only.

$15.50 $7.75

Broken Techno

Audioteknik present ‘Broken Techno’ an essential collection of sounds for high-bpm broken beat Techno. Packed with heavy beats, modular-like synth sequences, heavy basses, dark, murky atmospheres, industrial textures and a selection of one-shot samples, this sample pack is guaranteed to inspire your heavy techno productions.

The drum loops in this collection are served as full beats, no kick, percussion, kick, hats, clap & snare stems. You can mix and match all the kits to re work or create complete new beats and rhythms.

All loops play at 140 bpm. Check out the demos and additional previews to get and idea of this amazing pack has in store.

$25.84 $12.92

Spaced Out Synths

'Spaced Out Synths' is a compact collection of spacey synths loops designed to inspire producers of Minimal House, modern Electro, Deep Tech House, Breakbeat and beyond. Inside, you will find quirky sci-fi melodies, morphed synths, dystopian pads, twisted stab loops, and more.

All loops are key-labelled and play at 130bpm.

Please note: This pack contains synth loops only. The drum loops and bass loops used in the demo are taken from Sine - Artist Series 05: Furz

$12.92 $6.46

Broken Beats vol.2

Ukrainian sound designer Niksu presents the second volume of his best-selling Broken Beats pack. Fusing elements of old-school breakbeat, deep house, jazz and funk, this stylish collection of loops is not to be missed.

Inside, you will find expertly programmed broken beat drum grooves, warm synths, ravey stabs, uplifting melodies, funk-infused basslines, lush pads, background sounds and textures, SFX and more.

The sounds in this pack are suitable for a wide range of sounds, such as Breakbeat, Electronica, Garage, House, and Tech House, amongst others.

$25.84 $12.92

Artist Series : Furz

by Sine

Emerging Argentinian producer Furz delivers a massive collection of samples and loops for our Sine artist series. Taking inspiration from 90's Tech-House, Breaks, Garage, and modern Minimal house, this pack brings together a unique mixture of inspiring and super usable sounds.

Expect to find rolling drum grooves, oldskool-style breakbeats, gentle pads, ravey stabs, deep chords, classic keys and leads, funky basslines, transition FX, textures and a selection of one-shot samples.

All loops play at 130 BPM. All melodic loops are key-labelled. Check out the main demo and additional previews to find out what this fantastic pack has in store.

$38.75 $19.38

Acoustic Jungle Breaks

‘Acoustic Jungle Breaks’ is a stunning collection of live-played choppy breakbeats inspired by the timeless sound of 90’s Jungle/Drum & Bass. Recorded on an acoustic kit by New York-based drummer Ned Haweeli, this unique pack contains a selection of raw, free-from heavy processing drum loops and one-shot samples.

Loops play between 160-190bpm, making them perfect for any DnB and Hardcore Breakbeat styles. They could also be used in Techno, House, Garage and Tech House productions. Chop them up, slice them, or load them into your favourite sampler and start experimenting.

Please note: This pack contains drums loops and one-shots only. The synth, bass and pad sounds used in the demo are not included.

$15.50 $7.75

Cinematic Downtempo

Abstract presents ‘Cinematic Downtempo’ - a unique sample library perfect for any downtempo electronic music genres and film scores alike. This carefully crafted selection is loaded with powerful drums, dark, emotive strings, deep melodies, drones, drama basslines, atmospheric soundscapes, drones and dramatic FX. Add drama and dimension to your productions, with these inspiring sounds.

Tempo synced at 80bpm the sounds in this collection would be suitable for any Electronica, Chill Out, Downtempo, Ambient or Cinematic productions.

$22.61 $11.30

Under Wonder Vol.3

The third edition of Niksu’s popular ‘Under Wonder’ series has landed! This classy collection of loops and samples provides all the tools you need to create modern house music with deeper, minimalist edge.

Inside this pack, you will find expertly programmed drum grooves, warm keys, hypnotic melodies, shifting filtered chords, electro-infused basses, deep pads, background sequences and tools, glitchy percussion loops and transition FX.

Loops in this library play from 127bpm to 128 bpm. All loops are tempo-labelled, and all melodic content is also key-labelled. Check out the demo for an idea of what this unique pack has in store.

$25.84 $12.92

Broken Tech

Drawing influences from a wide range of electronic genres and styles, ‘Broken Tech’ is an inspirational collection of sounds perfect for anyone looking to create Breakbeat, Techno, Experimental, Garage, Bass Music and beyond!

Packed full of glitchy breakbeats, heavy basses, quirky synths, textures, and pads, plus a useful collection of one-shot samples and glitchy transitional sound effects - this pack is not to be missed!

Loops play between 125 bpm - 130 bpm. All loops are tempo-labelled and all melodic content is also key-labelled

$25.84 $12.92

Mangled Percussion

‘Mangled Percussion’ is a collection of complex, glitched-out, synthetic percussive tools and grooves ideal for Minimal, Deep Techno, Breaks, Tech House, Experimental, Garage and more.

Perfect for side-chaining or layering, these unique loops can be used to add complex rhythms, glitchy patterns and abstract feel to a wide range of electronic genres. Layer these loops over your drum grooves, chop them up, slice them and create something special.

All loops are tempo synced at 125 bpm.

Please note: This pack contains percussion loops and one-shots only. The kick, hi-hat and clap samples used in the demo are not included.

$12.92 $6.46

Processed Ambience

‘Processed Ambience’ includes a unique and distinct sound palette of 50 processed field and ambience recordings perfect for adding atmosphere, immersion and texture to any track.

All sounds play at 125 bpm making this pack perfect for a wide range of genres such as Techno, Minimal, Breaks, Ambient, Tech House.

Please Note: The drums in the audio demo are not included in the collection. This pack contains ambience sounds and textures only.

$12.27 $6.14

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