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RAWthentic Music is excited and happy to welcome Andre Salmon to our pack roster !

Andre is an amazing talent in the studio and has many releases with us on the label.

His production level is second to none and this pack displays that.

Inside, you can expect everything from perc loops to synth and bass loops and tons of other useful elements like drum hits/loops well as textural FX and layers that will take your production to the next level.

All loops and sounds are tempo synced and key labelled where applicable

$25.84 $12.92

Originals: Fabe

Salty Nuts label owner Fabe delivers an authentic collection of signature sounds and loops for our Originals series! Blending elements of House, Garage, Minimal and Breaks - this exquisite sample pack is loaded with inspiration! Expect to find perfectly swung drums, funky basses, deep warms synths, lush pads, useful percussive tools, FX and a selection of one-shot samples.

Mannheim's own Fabe has an unpredictable way of surprising the crowd with his natural use of the edgy essence of classic house drive and uplifting dynamic groove, with a forceful touch of techno. Rising to moderate prominence as a resident of BE9 and founder of his own label, Salty Nuts, his music production and sets are mainly influenced by his roots, shape-shifting through crowds and constantly interconnecting with them. A raw layer of heavy-bass sound, old school house and sparkling groovy notes on top; Fabe's vision will continue to expand, crossing boundaries through music production, energetic sets and a bag full of salty nuts for mood boost.

With tempos ranging from 126-134bpm, this pack is perfect for anyone looking to create contemporary House, Garage, Minimal, Tech-House and beyond. All loops are bpm labelled and key-labelled where applicable.

$38.75 $19.38

Originals: Floog

We are delighted to welcome Romanian live artist Floog to our Originals series! This pack delivers over 930MB of instantly usable sounds and loops showcasing Floog’s groovy minimal sound. Expect to find sophisticated drum grooves,  live jammed modular loops, groove fills, spacey pads, deep atmospheres, wacky synths, hooky sequences, quirky basslines and more.

Growing up with influences from Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Jean Michelle Jarre and Pink Floyd, George aka Floog has developed an extreme interest into the sounds of electronic music; from equipment, to sound design, to production and performance. His big debut alongside Livio & Roby as Premiesku has launched Floog into a spectrum of endless work in the studio and live performances, discovering new skills and techniques to perfect his imprint, from underground techno to house and other fusion of genres.

All loops are tempo-synced at 126bpm and all melodic files are key-labelled for convenience.

$38.75 $19.38

Originals: Sidney Charles

We are proud to welcome Sidney Charles to our Originals series!  Packed with timeless house drum grooves, deep stabs and chords, sublime synth lines, groovy basses and rich pads, this collection is not to be missed!

It’s not often a DJ can stamp their authority on a genre so much that it gets its own label, but Sidney Charles is one. His take on house music is known amongst fans as The Sidney Sound: it’s one built on heavy low ends, the immediate impact of chunky drums, cavernous low frequencies and hard-hitting rhythms that connect directly with your body. Over the last ten years or so, this is exactly what has helped establish Sidney as one of house’s most vital players.

Both as a DJ and a producer, Sidney favours rough, dirty sounds that defined the old school pioneers, but all with a modern, full and punchy approach. His signature tunes like ‘House Lessons’ and ‘Warehouse Romance’ established this early on, and since then the artist has homed in on ever more irresistible rhythms on key labels like Truesoul, Hot Creations and Saved. HIs upfront, dark, hard hitting take on house is about physicality and making your body move. He wants to get you jacked up on the dance floor and keep you there. He does so with a mixing technique drawn from his long standing love of hip hop and battle DJs: beat matching, subtle scratching and tight, quick, energetic mixes that move things along at a pace.

All loops are bpm labeled. All melodic files are also key-labeled. This collection is 100% Royalty-free.

$38.75 $19.38

Artist Series:Sascha Dive

by Sine

Sascha Dive delivers a collection of beautifully produced sounds and loops for Sine’s artist series. Expect to find 750MB of raw, driving drum loops, dubby chords, hypnotic synths, deep basses, rich pads, SFX and one-shot samples. Bursting with high-quality loops ranging from 116 to 126bpm, this pack is ideal for anyone looking to create deep, dub-infused house and techno.

Hailing from the greater Frankfurt Area Sascha Dive has made quite an impression on the international house and techno circus over the last ten years. He is not only taking his sound and vision to the world's finest floors, he still manages to release more and more music. Dive has released a vast number of productions and remixes on high-class labels such as Tsuba, Freebase, Deep Labs (Balance US), Raum...Musik, Stir15 and Cocoon and aside from all the touring and producing, he still runs his own "Deep Vibes" label with great success. "

All loops are tempo-synced and key-labelled where applicable.

$32.30 $16.15


Welcome to the first instalment of the Rawthentic sample pack series! Volume 1 is brought to you by RAW label bosses Nathan Barato & Carlo Lio. Here you will find exactly what you need to make that sweaty underground sound you've always wanted. From funky house to phat bitch techno, this pack has it all. Welcome to our world of groove.

Packed with chunky bass loops, snappy drum layers, groovy percussion loops, trippy synths, edgy vocal chops, FX and more, this collection will be an amazing source body and soul to your sound.

All loops are tempo-synced and key-labelled where applicable.

$38.75 $19.38

Originals: Traumer

We are excited to bring you our latest Original artist pack from the French minimal maestro Traumer. With this pack, he delivers over 2.2BGB of samples and loops showcasing his unique trademark sound.

Traumer is an artist who has an innate ability to weave subtle narratives and deeply nuanced rhythms into his mesmerising music. The mastermind behind Gettraum, a platform where he releases his experimentations with house on a minimal tip, Traumer delivers hypnotic performances and music that has the support of his peers and idols.

Packed with complex minimal drum grooves, processed percussive tools, trippy synths, dubby chords, rhythmic textures, deep basses, FX loops, a great selection of one-shot samples and more, this massive collection of sounds and samples is sure to be an endless source of inspiration for your tracks!

All loops are tempo-synced at 125bpm and key-labelled where applicable.

$51.67 $25.84

Originals: Dimmish

We welcome Italian producer Dimmish to our exclusive ‘Original Series’, with a stunning selection of sounds and samples showcasing his innovative style and unique grooves.

Packed with forward-thinking minimal tech-house drum grooves, live jammed modular loops, deep stabs and hypnotic synths, funky sequenced basses, rich pads, twisted FX, one-shot samples and much more, this collection is an endless source of inspiration.

With tempo ranging from 124-131 BPM, this pack is ideal for Minimal House, Tech House, Garage and Deep House productions.

All loops are bpm labelled; all musical elements are also key labelled.

$38.75 $19.38

Originals: Subb-an

We are proud to welcome Subb-an to our Original Series with over 610MB of inspirational sounds and samples.

One Records London based co-founder, Subb-an, continues a path along one of diligence, refinement, and exploration. Drawing upon vitality and spontaneity, it’s this intuitive, free-flowing vibe that has also found its way into, not only his music but also the curation of One Records, which continues to flourish as another major focus for the artist. Previous releases feature on Cabinet Records, Spectral Sound, Fuse and Pleasure Zone

Packed with analogue drum machine rhythms, minimal-tech house drum grooves, rolling sequenced basses, modular-like sequences, deep keys and dubby stabs, lush pads, textures, FX and more, this collection is a massive source of inspiration.

All loops are tempo labelled and all music loops are also key-labelled.

$51.67 $25.84

Artist Series:Silat Beksi

by Sine

The third instalment of Sine artist series comes from the Ukrainian minimal artist Silat Beksi. Dive deep into his unique collection of trippy sounds and loops.

Over the last 5 years, Silat Beksi has made quite the impression on minimal music lovers across the globe. Utilising his own unique combination of rhythms & special imprinted textures to craft emotive and energetically charged pieces of music. Cementing himself as one of the most inform talents in Europe’s underground scene with releases on labels like Pleasure Zone, Dreams Are Not Inside, What You Want, Vivus Records and of course his own imprint Midnight. His sound continues to morph and develop, defying classification with its heady combination of techno rhythmic sensibility, breakbeat influence and warm atmospheric textures that hypnotise and excite.

Packed with intricate drum grooves, atmospheric pads, hypnotic sequences, spaced-out synths, sequenced basslines, textures and abstract FX tools, this sample pack contains a huge range of useful, creative and inspiring sounds and loops.

Have a listen to the demos for an idea of what this incredible pack has to offer. All loops are tempo-synced and key-labelled where applicable

$45.21 $22.61

Originals: Archie Hamilton

Sample Market is proud to present a fresh and exciting House sample collection which has been exclusively produced by Archie Hamilton, one of the most in-demand House producers of the moment.

Archie Hamilton has had a remarkable rise up through the ranks of the underground house and techno scene to being one of the most respected artists in his genre. Working across many of the facets of electronic music, Archie’s penchant for rugged baselines and ethereal atmospherics form his signature sound.

Drum Loops -> From rolling drum grooves to raw machine rhythms - these beats are perfect for creating a solid drum foundation.

Synth & Music Loops. -> Dubby chords, hypnotising synth loops, acid lines, spacey sounds and trippy sequences perfect for essential melodic hooks.

Bass Loops -> Heavy subs, funky sequences and deep basses.

Pads -> Rich deep pad sounds perfect for adding depth to your tracks.

SFX -> Functional collection of authentic FX shots, dubbed-out impacts, risers and more.

Textures -> Unique processed beds, atmospheres, and ambience sounds for background detail.

Single Hits -> A selection of drum hits and synth and bass one-shot samples. Simply load into your favourite sampler and get creative.

All loops are tempo labelled and all music loops are also key-labelled.

$51.67 $25.84

Originals: iO (Mulen)

The sixth edition of our exclusive ‘Original Series’ comes from Ukrainian artist IO (Mulen). The owner of Mulen Records delivers an incredible collection of sounds with his strictly non-commercial music format,  recognisable grooves, unhurried rhythms and jazz riffs.

Here is what you will find in this 1.3 GB of  Royalty-Free Signature Sounds and Loops :

Drum Loops -> Shuffling house grooves and swing beats bursting with smart drum programming.

Music Loops - Hypnotic sequences, spacey synths, dreamy sounds and melodic hooks designed to inspire.

Bass Loops -> Funk-injected basslines, deep subs, wonky basses, sequences and more.

Pads -> Deep, immersive pads and spacey textures essential to deeper shades of house.

Chords Loops -> Deep chord sequences and classic deep house inspired keys,

Backgrounds & Textures -> Percussive sequences and glitches, perfect for injecting movement to your tracks

SFX -> Reverses, risers, fallers, impacts and hits

Arpeggiator Loops -> A selection of exquisite arpeggios. From the dark and driving to the deep and trippy, these loops are packed with inspiration.

Percussion Loops -> Processed percussive grooves and patterns ideal for building a beat.

All loops are tempo labelled and all music loops are also key-labelled.

$64.59 $32.30

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