Space Textures

Weismann encountered some pretty vast and metaphysical textures, abyssal chords sequences and eerie effected sequences - all on the outskirts of human perception. Insert into anything four to the floor and your track will instantly go meta.

The sound designer crew at Weismann forged textures of sounds from various analogue and digital modular systems, passed them through a setup of high-quality outboard processors, and fed them back in again through yet another series of digital effect processors - creating endless variations with the twist of a knob.

All loops are made for recombination, so layer and connect textures together to create new textures and call - response patterns. The length of the loops vary depending on the variation and motion in the sound, so cut, slice, realign and reassemble to meet your songs requirements


Space Textures - Wav


50 Textures

Wav: 850.7 MB zipped • 53 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.