Sound Of Chicago - Drums Vol. 2

I thought I would try to break down these loops so you have more versatility. Now you have full loops but can also just use the kick if that's what you are feeling the most! There is 203 loops in total in this pack and I hope you like it. I kind of reminds me when I was in high school and working summers for a paper Downstate, one of my assignments was to cover the county fair. The livestock judging was held early in the week and the talent show was on the weekend, it struck me that the two competitions had points in common. Even some of the judges were the same...

Tempos ranging from 115 bpm - 130 bpm


Sound Of Chicago Drums Vol. 2 - Wav


 203 Drum Loops 

163 MB zipped  203 x WAV 44.1Hz, 24bit